Life Changing Programs

Chakra Genie Training Method

My soulmate clients for my chakra genie method are successful AF in thier career as a corporate leader/manager, famous actress/musician/artist/creative/entrepreneur/life coach, real estate, leader/manager in some type of health care role and they want to create a new way of making money and using energy work. They are interested in holistic healing and want to use it to create a coaching business in 2021. 

Conscious Pregnancy Program

My soulmate clients for my conscious pregnancy are women who desire to be moms and work from own building a coaching empire of their dreams. they invest in themselves heavily to grow their life and they know that if they want to conceive and birth a business at the same time, they need support and guidance.

DNA Activation Package

My soulmate clients for my dna activation package are ready for deep energy work and healing of their soul to get back in touch with their life purpose. they have faced trauma and drama that is ready to be removed and integrated and they are seeking to get in touch with their soul purpose. 

Meet Liv -Your personal spiritual life coach

I catapult your spiritual, business and fertility dreams by working with the energy anatomy of the body.

I use my knowledge and experience of the 33-chakra system and the energy anatomy of the body to remove blocks, heal past lives, release emotional and mental strongholds, work through rough inner child storylines, and integrate the shadow allowing my client to step greater into their purpose so they can live passionately and prosperously in all ways.

Does This sound like you?

Your inner voice

it says this-I am awakening to a spiritual path and desire to learn more about healing my life and manifesting my dreams through the chakra system, astrology, and shadow work. I am are working towards my goals and success and gaining momentum and want to keep working on myself to get to the next level.

My clients

Powerful leaders in powerful positions like corporate job leaders/managers, mulit 6-8 figure entrepreneurs, actors and actresses, entertainers at the top of their game, athletes, other spiritual life coaches making mulit 6-8 figures.

Your search

You are in a partnership, single and looking for a partnership, single and patiently waiting for the right partner to find you, married with kids, or single and not looking to mingle.

You are looking to integrate energy work and start a coaching business in your well established work to assist your industry in becoming more heart centered.

Are you ready?

You know what your soul purpose is and want to gain more and more and more clarity around it so you can serve it to the fullest. You are 100% not afraid to invest in themselves at top dollar. You have been waiting for an opportunity like this to arrive and it’s happening now.

You belong to this group

People who are awakening to their innate spiritual nature and truth and have a strong sense of discernment in choosing a mentor, they want to pay top dollar for this information, knowledge, activation, healing, coaching, and truth I hold and they have no problem doing it.

This is you!

You aren’t phased by the noise on the internet that is trying to be what they are looking for (me) and they are tapped into their ability to manifest what they want in someone.

You are looking to integrate energy work and start a coaching business in your well established work to assist your industry in becoming more heart centered.

You are here because its time to transform your life.

Most of my life has been one big trial and error run by the fear of failure.I have failed so many times in energy work, business, love,life-that now I know what not to do so I can come out better and do what I came to do.If this pattern sounds familar to you when it comes to manifesting…

Whether it be learning how to master energy work and business or how to get through a spiritual awakening while being pregnant-My spiritual coaching packages are for you.

Real Transformations

jennifer Morrison

“I love her no nonsense, cut through the red tape and get to the heart of the matter approach. She doesn’t dance around a subject, she gives it to you straight. All guts with no filler. A good person to help with those hard truths that keep us enslaved in low vibrational living through avoidance, she can help face our truths and set ourselves free”

Caitlin Margavage

“I have had a few different treatments done with Liv. Let me say… She is AMAZING.. I had such profound movement in working with her. We were able to get to some things that have helped me grow immensely over the past year. I am forever grateful for this sister and that she honors the work she is meant to do on this earth.”

Schuyler Christina

“She’s down to earth, a woman who is strong with goddess that lives within her. A guide in the physical world, with struggles like every other human, a mother and a healer, she gives clarity on situations. And she helps you find your inner strength, with meditations, chakra clearings and activations, she gives you the tools you need to heal yourself and bring out the goddess and god inside of us all.”

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This Facebook group is a space designed for high level spiritual, intuitive, psychic, healing coaches to commune, connect, and create the sales they desire in their business!

This is a space for high level intuitive coaches to share their value in a safe and supportive space.

I share lots of valuable pieces time to time through my live trainings. Come and join our club, You’re welcome!

“The root of all suffering is attachment”

– Buddha

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