Transformational Retreats

The stars have aligned and its time for the witches of the world to heal.

There was a split in consciousness that created soulless beings to persecute, torture, and demonize women who called themselves witches. Among many other eras of terrorizing the Goddess in the name of Jesus- the burning and hanging of women who practiced energy work, herbalism, and talked to animals was one of the most traumatic for many starseeds and healers walking this planet today.

Do you desire to come fully out of the spiritual witchy closest and be the badass healing goddess you came to be?

have you been battling with imposter syndrome and totally doubting your ability to heal your life with all the tools in your witch box?

let me guess… you have been wanting to go deeper into your own soul to figure out why you are so afraid to fully be yourself and been seen and you have not been able to put your finger on it!

Well my witchy sisters we present to you….

The Samhaim Sister Sleepover Transformational Retreat

A transformational weekend with your witchy sisters to fully heal the persecution wound and rise from the ashes to heal yourself and the world.

Day One-October 30th Opening Ceremony

Arrive at your leisure to the air bnb right on the Willamate River if you are coming for the weekend. Meet your Samhaim Sister hosts and team for the weekend on the deck of the 8 bedroom house completely decorated and portaled up for the witch codes to drop through.

You see the snack bar that our raw vegan chef has made as you pass by the cannabis bar where you can roll your own joints and you peep the tarot reader all set up and ready to go.

You turn the corner and see the in the living room a vibrant crystal grid and alter with some amazing pieces-

you know you are in for an activation for sure! You head up the stairs and peep your room and the cozy bathroom where you take a shower to freshen up and get ready for the opening ceremony before dinner.

More witchy sisters start to arrive and the vibe just continues to rise and rise.

You step outside to smoke a joint with a sister and look at the sky before you gather with the group of witchy sisters by the alter for opening ceremony….

after the intiation rites are passed and the crystals, cards, and runes have told their energy for the weekend its time to indulge in some amazing raw dinner.

You spend your evening by the wood stove pulling cards, connecting with your sisters and preparing for the full day halloween witches new year ceremony.

Day 2- October 31st Witches New Year

You rise to the sun and feel all the goddesses in the house ready to birth a new day with you.

Head downstairs and roll out your yoga mat and get your stretch and meditation with our witchy yoga teacher and divine feminine goddess embodiment- Megs. This flow and meditation is going to be designed for the clearing, healing, and perpetuating of any witch wound energy that may be arising as we move through this energy.

If you’re not into yoga and breathing roll yourself up a joint and go for a walk on the dock by the river.

Whatever way you choose to witch out, have a morning of soul based connection.

Whatever way you choose to witch out, have a morning of soul based connection.

As the sun rises and the day begins you start to feel more deeply into your intuition and the opening of your wounds- you know that it’s time for some transformational workshops.

A raw vegan breakfast is served at 10am and after you eat with your sisters it’s ritual and ceremony time.

The water activation to heal the witch wound is happening on the doc by the river led by our sou chef and Human Earth Angel Kristie. Lay down in the grass on a comfy blanket as your witchy sister takes you on a shamanic journey to purge the emotional energies that no longer serve you with the water and the womb.

You’ll be sure to be charged up and changed after this experience, thank the Goddess it’s time for lunch and some chill time before this evening’s Full Moon Witches New Year shamanic plant medicine cacao ceremony.

Go chill and smoke weed and pull cards with your sisters

Go take a nap

Go by the water and pray with the river and the trees

Go do whatever your soul calls you to do before the evening ceremony begins, you have 4 hours for yourself.

At 5pm show up to the alter with your witchy offering and journal

A deep dive shamanic journey meditation led to you by Liv will take you into your akashic records to remember the past lives of your witch wound and persecution of your angelic soul. You may cry and you may face some deep shit, but you’re held and loved and supported the whole time through this journey.

As you’re soothed back into this reality we then will drop into the yoni steaming portal for the sisters that aren’t bleeding with the moon- those women who are bleeding with be lead outside to the Earth to do a mensturation blood ceremony to give your blood back to the Earth.

As we connect more deeply with the feminine energies and heal the parts of us that have been misused and abused we come more into an awakening of vulnerable comfort and wholeness.

Just wait- the night has only begun.

As we come out of the steam/blood ritual we instantly move into a sacred sexuality/twerkshop with Megs and Megan.

Ready to move your booty and call in abundance with a-bun-dance! Activate yourself as an abundance witch by owning your sexual nature and moving your booty to the beat to activate the wealth codes and reclaim the rich bitch sex goddess witch you are!

After the hype of the movement and embodiment of our sexuality we will slow down the night to drop in with the raw vegan dinner made for us and ready to eat.

Grub down and go get cozy and freshened up for the cacao mushroom ceremony going down at 1111pm.

For those of you who came for this day your departure time from the Air BNB is no later than 10pm, but don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging ya’ll-

If you came for just Saturday we will have a closing ceremony share circle for you all to explore ways to integrate the transformation as you go back into your regular life.

As the day pass witches head home for the evening the sleepover witches will be getting ready to go deep into the transformations of the cacao and mushroom ceremony that will commence at 1111pm PST!

Get your mug and fill it up with the brew as we sit down to meet ourselves again.

As we drink the medicine we lay you down comfortable on the floor with a pillow and blanket and we begin to move deep into the journey with sound and breathwork. As the night goes on and on we come to a space in ourselves where we have died and we are born again…

Whole- anew- moving in a different way.

November 1st- Closing Day

We watch the sunrise together as we come back down into this reality and await breakfast and closing ceremony.

We made it through the portal together, but the work is never done.

We use the final morning to go through all the ways we can continue to show up as an empowered goddess and heal the witch wound not only for ourselves but for our fellow witches.

Your experience with us is complete… for now.

As we close down the ceremony with one more ritual around the alter, we pray to our ancestors and call in the Source energy needed to fortify us and continue on the soul journey.


I know after reading ALL that is about to go down we YOU want to come!

So if you want the full Sacred Coven Experience it’s 444$ paid in full!

This includes your room and board and all your meals and all activities- you will have to pay for your own transportation to the air bnb.

If you just want the Witch Experience for the day its 111$ Paid in full.

can’t make it in person but still want to be a part of the magic?

grab your digital witch virtual pass for only 88$ and be with us on a private recorded zoom link from 12-7pm PST!

Find your way to pay by scrolling below and hitting the button.


No refunds so if you’re in you’re in.


-Liv, Megs and Meagan


Come from 10am on 10/30 til 10am on 11/1 for some magical witchy throw downs with your sisters

444.00 $

DAY PASS 10.31.20

Come for the witches new year from 10am-10pm

111.00 $

Digital Witch Virtual Day Pass

Join us on zoom from anywhere in the world

88.00 $

Let’s make something beautiful together.