Lightworker Liv began her spiritual journey in 2012 when she had a kundalini awakening after a hard summer of substance abuse. 

This awakening led her to go live outside for six months in the woods and rediscover her soul mission and path.

After a childhood of trauma and drama with estranged parents, and extreme fear of showing up in the world and serving- 

Liv finally regrounded and rediscovered who she was and why she was here. She went back home and enrolled herself into massage therapy school. This path opened so many doors for her including the chance to work with a shaman who taught her about breathwork, chakra work, and more. 

Liv branched off into the online world of healers and has been offering lightworking services for 4 years. Some of the adversities faced were so big and so scary you may not even believe this girl got thru it- Lightworker Liv truly serves as a reminder that everything is achievable no matter what- you just have to make the right choices to get there! 

If you are a lightworker ready to make your bold, brave, and beyond basic dreams come true- 

Dive in more to this website to find out how Liv wants to SERVE you! 

Xoxo 😘