“I Want To Live My Dream Life, But Nobody Showed Me How”

When I first realized that the reason I was holding back from fully allowing my dream life to come into my reality that was what my inner child said to me…

And if I look around my life and see all the dreams I have made come true, I also realize that those dreams were made of blood, sweat, and tears. There is something about this universe we live in that likes to test us, push us to our limits, and just when we think we can’t take it anymore- MORE SHIT comes flying our way!

We can all go on all day about how our thoughts are creating our reality and while I 100% believe that I also know that our thoughts are more than just our conscious mind. Our thoughts exist in a very deep part of our subconscious that actually creates the functions of our physical and emotional body.

The truth is, unless you were raised by a very conscious shaman who taught you self-awareness and meditation at 2 years old and took you on your first shamanic journey at 8, or something along the lines of “hippie spiritual” stuff- nobody was teaching you how to live your dreams.

So here we are in this time of Great Awakening. People are no longer sounding mentally ill when they talk about fairies and angels helping them get what they desire. At least once a day I hear someone talk about manifestation in passing, and don’t get me started about the mass movement online spiritual entrepreneurs coming out of nowhere.

While the excuse that my inner child gave me came from my deep unconscious mind and was probably dated at like me at age 11 when I really wanted to fly to Europe to play soccer for the summer but felt like I couldn’t manifest the money, it was still coming up for a reason and I had to address.

You see- it’s not fair for me to believe that I want to live my dreams, but I don’t know how. And honestly that’s just inner child BS and fear of leaving the comfort zone I have created by doing exactly JUST that- living my dreams.

At every level you reach you will face the same stories that try to hold you in place, keep you cozy, never let you change. Our subconscious becomes attached to an identity, to a role, to an idea of who they are. So when we come along saying we want to be a spiritual entrepreneur making millions of dollars on the internet with joy, ease, and flexibility- it’s like our subconscious mind says “WOAH THAT IS NOT IN OUR CONTRACT”.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW. And that’s because we ARE NOT creating ALONE! There is an invisible energy that we all feel, that we all call something different, that is taking in every thought, every breath, every moment, that we have on this planet, and giving to us what we desire so long as we are open to receiving it. There is literally just a force in the universe that works to give you exactly what you want at all costs at all times- and you don’t have to know the how- you’ve just got to do the work in your mind to change the habits and patterns you that keep the walls and resistence your reality instead of your desires and dreams.

The energy work paired with psychology techniques and shamanic journeying and understanding the truth of who you are on a deep soul level is the only way I have found any type of peace in my subconscious mind. If I had not agreed to be on this planet and have all these experiences and choose them the way I chose them I would not be who I am today.

SO much is changing for me. I am coming to this point in my life where I am really choosing to forgive others and no longer be available for drama. I want to play out my deepset dreams and biggest desires, and I really don’t want my own BS to stand in my way anymore. It’s not accepted in my reality anymore. And me saying it isn’t enough- it’s me choosing it EVERY SINGLE DAY to be who I came to be.

And understanding this becomes the very inspiration that drives me to express myself thru my creative gifts and be the person I came here to be even though I can still feel a little resistance to doing it- I can AT LEAST take a step forward- and if I KEEP stepping forward- I will keep making my life happen and I will keep my journey flourishing in the direction I desire. There is so much I wanted to know about the universe, and it’s insane how many of us now know something about the universe- right? LOL. But the point is, put your puzzle pieces together, find out who you are, who you have been, and where you’re going. A great tool to do that is thru understanding your personality thru astrology. I have been offering a few people some intimate time with me in a 1:1 session where I go deep into your astrology, see where your placements are, and break down how this retrograde period is effecting you. If you are ready AF to stop hiding and make your bold, brave, and BEYOND basic dreams come true- then hit me up for this session. It’s 45 minutes on a recorded zoom call. We will talk about chakras, identify your core blocks that come out thru your personality patterning, and set goals for where you want to be in 1 year prior to now. It’s 222 USD, Hit the links below to pay and to schedule!

The point is, you’ve gotta do the work on YOU, babe. Become more aware of the voices that hold you back, understand yourself more deeply than you ever have before, becomes closer to your soul than you have ever been! This spiritual coaching work certainly is not for the faint hearted- you must be willing to get back up again after all your ridiculous failures- aka lessons learned.

I love you so much and thank you for reading my blog.



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