I’m going to be starting something new with my email list!! 

On the first week of EVERY month I will be sending out the monthly energy forecast which will include the astrology of the month, what energy that will bring up for us, what chakras will be activated with it and how we can work with our energetic anatomical structure to heal our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wounds. 

YAY!! I’m so HAPPY I get to provide this God Given Lightworking insight to you before the month starts so you can really get aligned and stay focused on what you want to manifest in your life! Now more than ever it’s going to be extremely important to be mindful of your energy and learn how to work with the stars and the chakras to heal your life and make your world-changing dreams come true. 

Without further ado… here is this month’s Astrology Chakra Genie Forecast!!! 

I know you can probably feel the intense energy of the new moon still radiating through your soul. Maybe there were some wake up calls- around your physical health, emotional health- the amount of attention to detail you are paying to the world around you and how it functions. With this 6 planets in virgo/new moon in virgo energy throwing us into September- it is truly time to learn how to make our day to day routine more aligned with the rhythmic harmony of the universe and experience Eden once more. 

There is a lot of power in this month with the ability to heal deep past emotional traumas on many timelines and turn your wounds of abandonment and fear into abundance and trust. If you are truly willing to do the shadow work, this can be a very powerful month for you to clear away any stored up emotional and mental trauma- it’s as if the first have of September is offering us a time of Council. Our angels and ancestors are before us- tending to our wounds- and we need to just surrender- use discernment- but surrender to the flow. The willingness to listen to others, give space for healing, and have compassion for yourself is on the forefront. 

It’s a time with high focus on details, athletics, and perfectionism. You may try to get everything done at once- 

September 14th we have the full moon in Pisces in a T square with the sun in Virgo, Mars in Virgo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

This day can be a full on witnessing of the deep spiritual transformation that our entire society is going through. With Mars and the sun in a square with the Pisces new moon- we are bound to expect emotional triggers come up and it will be very important to remain grounded by eating clean (maybe even fasting that day). 

It is going to be EXTREMELY important to stand in your truth with the jupiter in sagittarius energy as there will be a lot of elusive energy that’s just right behind the scenes- be careful not to miss the signs that are showing you where you truly need to be. 

Who is really here to serve? Are you in your position for the right reason- or are you trying to be the epitome of spiritual perfection? The new moon brings an emotional energy- and a psychic invisibility code for us to be able to tear past the bullshit- both around us and in us so we can open up our hearts and truly birth the New Earth with unconditional love for self and for others. 

You can’t run anymore. You can’t play small. It’s your time to reach the masses and reach the world and expand into a greater spiritual knowing of who you are and what galactic beings want to work with you so you can birth your Light into this world. 

You don’t need to be perfect to be in alignment with your spiritual path you need to be unconditionally in love with yourself and willing to do the work to serve your soul’s mission. It is time for you to reveal your truth and for the truth to be revealed to you about those you choose to commune with. Choose your energy wisely. The triggers that come up can blast you into an extreme transformation if you choose to no longer play the victim to your reality and instead decide (solar plexus- virgo energy) what you want and do the work to get it. 

On a more personal level this full moon t square is going to bring a sense of emotional healing of the deep traumas to our solar plexus- our unconscious limiting beliefs around spirituality and society are being challenged- truths are being revealed- you may feel in a deep sense of spiritual transition- massive downloads on what your spiritual truth is- be mindful of what energy you’re allowing in- the astral realm is very close to us this day- if you are not careful you may experience psychic attacks. Where your grounding protective crystals like malachite, obsidian, opal, onyx, rose quartz/quartz , citrine, and more. 

Our entire chakra system is going to be activated with this energy (1-33). We will be working in our merkaba (our light body) and it will be most important to pay attention to energy in your solar plexus (virgo=gut), sacral chakra and 24th chakra creation point as well as the third eye and crown chakras (Pisces and sagittarius energy). You can clear these chakras by evaluating which emotions are being triggered for you (anger, resentment, abandonment, betrayal…?) and use your crystals to cleanse and clear your energetic space. Meditation and mindfulness are key at this time to gain the insights to heal your emotional body. 

To read more about the energy of this month check out my blog by hitting this link below! 

Mercury in Libra conjunct Venus in Libra 

The energy of Libra in mercury and venus is going to bring a sense of balance, aesthetics, and justice into your conversations and loving romance/friendship relationships. There will be a sense of nobility in the air and it may be easy to come up with fair ideas to create balance in the world. Justice will be on the forefront, what’s not fair in the world- how technology and AI are being used to oppress people- and how we spend our money- will be very apparent. Your relationship with technology and transportation will be questioned- is it truly in alignment with the Earth and her needs? Balance is key to remember in all conversations this day. 

The two weeks in between the full moon and new moon will be an integration period of the deep spiritual transformations that have become the catalyst of how we are going to create our life. We may be recovering from some deep emotional upheavals and we may be in a period of recollecting ourselves after the trigger of purging of the deep emotions sometimes we choose to elude and escape. 

There is a lot of spiritual energy coming in this month and our ideas of what God is being questioned- are we manipulating God to justify our bad choices or are we not taking the time to REALLY do the work on ourselves to birth the new earth. It’s time to hash out the details and do the busy work to create the empire that you desire. 

Fall Equinox on Sept 23rd Sun in Libra moon in Cancer 

This is a good time to release the summer and come into a place of deep transformation to prepare for winter and the new year ahead of us. We will find a sense of calm and balance that day and the emphasis will be on emotional comfort and the home. 

There will be an urge to cozy into your home space a bit more for emotional pleasure and comfort this day. The seasons change and we all turn our focus toward balancing out family life and cleansing the emotional body of the summer. It’s a time to arise to the new, as there are new challenges that await you

Season changes are always a time to reset our flow state. 

New moon in Libra on September 28th conjunct Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra: 

This new moon energy in position with the sun, venus, and mercury is going to bring a lot of balance and abundance to all types of partnerships both romance and business. The emphasis is on balancing the divine mascluine and divine feminine. With a strong full moon T-square bringing to head the truth of the relationships we have with money, women, the mother, receiving, and the Divine Feminine in general- the new moon is going to allow us to find our balance in the polarities. 

We will be in a moment of suspension as a Divine Union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merges together to bring justice to the injustices of the world. There is a mass clarity around how we need to proceed in our business, romance, and friend partnerships. It’s a good time to take the focus of finding external balance and instead focus on finding the internal balance between how our inner feminine and masculine energy work with one another. 

It’s going to be a time of harmony and balance, a time of union and fairness. Whatever has been bothering us this entire year is coming to a head and balance is being restored. We are being given an opportunity to communicate from the heart, receive and give the love that we always wish to receive and bring into balance at this time.

It’s important  to speak your truth, regardless of whether or not you think it will disturb the projected version of harmony you think your life has. It’s important to stand your ground in the name of fairness. 

There is something in the air about everything in your life coming full circle. Things you may have forgotten about asking for, are not appearing to you in this portal and on this day. It is a great time to enjoy the pleasures in partnership, both business and personal. Harvest is abundant this year- be grateful and enjoy the fruits of your labor if you chose to do the work that was in alignment with your soul’s lessons and growth.

To be alignment with the energy of this month…

-stay in alignment by listening to your intuition and trusting your gut THE FIRST time

-communicate EXACTLY what you mean, no more trying to elude at things… say what you mean and mean what you say

-pay attention to the details but don’t get overwhelmed by trying to get everything done at once- trust your flow and go with what the energy asks of you at the time- stay in balance- give yourself time to give and time to receive- give yourself time for being and time for doing.

For more info about this month, or you want to connect with me about learning more about the higher chakras 8-33 find me on instagram @lightworkerliv



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