Divine Detachment: The Age of Aquarius

Light Beings-

It has been a long time since any of our physical vessels have seen a Golden Age. There is so much going on at this time in our human consciousness that it is imperative to stay aligned with the times and more importantly remember who you are.

A lot of you are still clinging on to the old paradigm structures of babylon and will continue to do so as they burn down right in front of our eyes. As we are leaving the age of decption, elusiveness, and unbilt dreams-

The Age of Aquarius is coming in with the healing waters ready to restore and help us sea our truth.

The Age of Aquarius is not only here to help us sea our vision of the future for ourselves, but rather of the entire planet.

Real Talk: Aquarius is saying… “look it’s okay to have luxury and it’s okay to do all these things on Earth- but can we PLEASE consider what’s best for the WHOLE- LIKE TODAY”

While Aquarius is a visionary, deep down at the core of it all there is a beautiful Humanitarian heart inside of them that just wants to shine and save the world.

And damn- there is a lot to save right now.

The Age of Aquarius is here to birth the Golden Age- times like Atlantis and Lumeria before the war- but before any of that happens- people need to wake up to the vision and sea who they really are!

It’s time to fully detach from the system…. once and for all.

If you still think that our system is anything but corrupt and you are actually going to put your time and energy into voting for someone who is just going to mandate vaccines for all and god knows what else-

You Are Not Soverign. And Aquarius doesn’t have time to wait for you to figure out what that means- Aquarius has been preparing you for this moment since the Age of Pisces- and everything is going to move pretty fast so keep up or you’re going to get left behind.

Anything and everything that does not serve you MUST GO- I don’t care how much you love GrubHub delivering at your door- if it’s not sustainable and organic- it’s not the Age of Aquarius and it must go!

Aquarius in some way is here to make humanity friends again, but in order to do that we have to let go of the old bullshit that decieves us about who we are- it’s all in our head.

Look i know some conscious people feel deeply that it is dangerous to NOT vote- that if we don’t all vote we could have Trump again etc and blah blah blah

And I don’t mean to mock those people-

I just am deeply soulfully frustrated at how brainwashed in fear my friends and fellow humans have become.

Stop looking for the answers, the confrimation, the vision of your life and how it should go-

If you took 5 minutes a day to really sit down in silence and ask yourself what you wanted on the REAL REAL…

You would probably find yourself on a flight to Guatamalea to learn how to live sustainably off the land.

This Aquarius energy is really pushing us to be the best versions of ourself we can be- and the transformation is really uncomfortable but also completely necessary for humanity to wake up fully.

What are you doing today to dive deeper into your soul purpose and heal on a quantum level?

If you know that it’s your time to own

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