Riding the Astrological Currents and Birthing Badass 1:1 Containers

Today was a total mercury retrograde emotional rollercoaster.

I went from moving to Costa Rica- to realizing that I can’t fly my dogs there in the middle of this Plandemic- to moving to Mexico- to finally realizing I am safe where I am and I can build my dream right freaking here.

I”m coming from a lifetime of running in the form of travel. I have been on the move for a long time and I am really feeling all this Capricorn energy activating my desire to build this dream. SO I have been naturally focused on taking the steps of the goat up this big ass mountain of dreams I have in my mind, body, and soul.

With Venus in Gemini the indecisiveness energy was coming in STRONG- so I went on a whole emotional tour of moving to one place to another only for Pluto conjunct Saturn to smack me in the face and remind me that now is not the time to be making impulsive not so thought out plans.

The one thing that has been grounding me down all day though is this business and the thought of my children being happy. Moving slow doesn’t come natural to my Sun in Aquarius energy- when I have a vision I tend to want to birth it right not away- learning to be in a gestation period of all my creations has been one of the best lessons of my life.

My Saturn return is going direct this week with the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn so the responsibility factor in my life has been amped up and I really have to say I enjoy the fuck out of having a routine and taking care of business.

I am coming to this point in my life where I have brought all aspects of myself back to me- I am no longer living a split life- I get to be myself in every single moment no matter what.

I also am aware of the shadow expressions that come from the scabs on my wounds that became masks I wore over my gifts. I have been taking those of diligently one by one as they come up…

I gotta thank the stars and the planets for always being right on freaking time with the triggers of the deep emotional shit and ancestral karma I am ready to cycle out of.

Everything is really starting to come together though. You know that moment when you thought you weren’t going to get noticed and appreciated for all your humble hard work to just be better and serve the mission, and then Uni comes in HOT with the blessings and all the people and amazing experiences you have been calling in?

That’s where I am at right now. The portal is open and I am walking through it. I am no longer denying any part of myself that is not fully in pleasure and desire- and I know this energy I am claiming in myself is assisting my clients in doing the same thing.

I launched a new program this week that is the essence of my divine mission here on planet Earth, and I have to tell you I am soooo excited to serve my soulmate clients’ in this container.

I’m a mother and I am also a very passionate entrepreneur out here doing everything in my power to raise awareness and vibrations for the collective. I built my online presence and my entire spiritual life coaching business through three pregnancies (one was a surrogate baby who was also my own egg).

Activating the Divine Feminine energy in my womb space also activated my sacral chakra to start learning the art of using my creative energy to give service and receive value in return. It was like as I was preparing to birth my human baby I was also birthing my new self AND my new business at the same time.

I truly believe being pregnant and building a business at the same time was the reason my spiritual gifts opened and locked in so quickly. When you’re pregnant you’re a conduit between worlds. When you’re an intuitive healer and pregnant all of your channels are activated really quickly and being pregnant is the grounding pachamama force needed to ensure your integration process is smooth.

Last year one of my long time 1:1 clients asked me to customize a year long package for her to support her during her second pregnancy, as her last she was not very grounded or conscious. I was so incredibly honored to formulate this package for her and some months later I naturally attracted another mom who was ready to manifest her second child without IVF.

It was like everything before these two clients was leading me up to this point. I have a natural gift to connect spirit babies to families through my connection with the Gods and Goddesses of procreation. I used to joke with my friends “don’t come around me or you’ll definitely get pregnant”.

It’s something that I can turn on and off and control for myself and when someone desires a baby and the most authentic life possible for themselves and their families- I can’t help but desire to want to empower them to do the same.

I have taken what I have created for my two impromptu clients and packaged it into a beautiful 12 month 1;1 coaching container called conscious pregnancy.

Are you ready to birth your human and business baby at the same time?!

Now more than ever we need women stepping into conscious parenting and spiritual career roles. It’s not time to hide or live a life filled with sadness and lack of hope!

Are you ready to heal and step fully into your power?

Check into investing in yourself with me in this program!

2 spots open- 22,222$ for the full year (monthly payment plans available)

The program starts July 25th!

hit the link below for full details and to reserve your spot with payment!




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