33 Chakra DNA Activations and Why You Need One

I remember when I got my first DNA Activation to 24 strands.

The person who did mine did it remotely and then sent me a report, then we had a 45 minute follow up session. At the time I realized that it was best for me not to fully be present, but when I would start offering my own I wanted people to have the experience with me so I made mine an open call.

When we got on the follow up call she broke down to me the healer’s view of why DNA Activations are important. She told me that when we come to Earth there are beings that will hijack us and put seals and scrambles on our DNA so we forget who we are, what we have been, what gifts we carry, and our ability to be a God/Goddess in the flesh.

I remember crying and shaking when she told me this like I had felt where my DNA had been tampered with- and I remember in that moment vowing to my life’s work as a healer and cosmic shaman to learn the best way possible to activate DNA and assist my clients in their journey back home.

I was working super closely with Metatron at the time (and I still am, he’s one of my main guides) and I prayed to him to have him show me what the higher chakras were and how their opening assisted in the activation of DNA strands.

Our DNA when it is not activated is only accessed on a 3% level. This is actual science that states this fact- these means that there is 97% of our DNA that is “dormant” or “unused”. Our DNA is our genetic code, ancestral line, and infinite soul memory bank to who our natural essence and untampered with Source Energy is. Why are humans only accessing 3% of their DNA?

In the ancient times of the Garden of Eden (also known as Lumeria and Atlantis) our DNA was accessed at 100%. People lived longer, we could shapeshift into all types of creatures, our self-healing abilities were on point- but then the separation of consciousness arrived on the planet and malevolent beings started wanting to control others. These beings infiltrated our heavenly society slowly, and manipulated people to start turning on one another.

Next thing you know our highly Chirst Code Crystalline DNA was completely stripped, sealed, and inverted into a scramble so we could no longer access our higher dimensional self. In the universe DNA is currency- there are beings in our galaxy that have destroyed their DNA to the point that they cannot have a physical experience anymore. These beings found Earth, came here, enslaved our souls and this is truly the cause of all the world’s problems right now.

the 33 chakras are the energy anatomy of the body that create the Merkaba (light body) which is our ascension vehicle and tool to raise our frequency to higher dimensions. When I do a DNA activation I open these 33 chakras through the spine and then begin the psychic surgery process to remove all the seals, scrambles, strips, ancestral karma, trauma, drama, curses, and entities from your chakras and your dna strands. We also do a energetic cellular restructure so your physical body can hold the activation and integrate it.

My clients have overcome and perservered through all types of adversity and struggle after receiving a 33 Chakra DNA Activation with me. When we activate the DNA to this level we are pulling your soul fully back into your body and aligning your energy centers with the will of the Divine Source. The sacred honor it is to hold space in this way for souls to come back home to themselves brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

I desire to deeply assist you in your personal spiritual transformation today. My DNA Activations have been so popular and potent AF lately that I have had to create a waitlist!

Do you desire to remember who your soul is and serve that divine mission of yours?

Are you tired of waiting for your psychic intuitive gifts to fully turn on so you can use them to heal the world with power and force?

Do you desire to reclaim your powerful DNA and break free from karmic patterns and ancestral curses?

it’s time for you to get your 33 chakra DNA Activation.

In the first 2 hour session I lead you through your spine into each of the 33 chakras and I activate them.

Then we isolate the chakras 8-33 one by one, removing entities, seals, scrambles, strippings, curses and more.

we also journey you through your past lives and dissolve karmic contracts and heal your souls deepest wounds to bring out your greatest gifts in this life.

After the 2 hour initial session, we then meet in four 1 hour follow up sessions to assist you in the integration of your activation.

This process is 2,222$ USD with monthly payment plans available.

Reserve your waitlist spot now to receive your activation after June 11th, 2021!!!

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