Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Energy Update

All this 4th house energy with the Capricorn moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto-

a lot of the focus is on how the system effects how we live and who we show up as in our home life.

The moon is cusping into the 5th house- and there is definitely an emphasis on the children and what they seem to know or think about the system.

I personally have been experiencing this energy by having deep conversations with my nine year old neighbor about the pandemic and what’s really going on.

I was communicating with her how I drink medical water which comes from my K8 Kangen device-

and I know how to maintain my immune system and my health on multiple levels including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-

And it was fucking amazing to see her totally get what I was saying.

The kids are ready to be heard ya’ll. If you follow any of the “conspiracy theories” or have seen stuff about the Q (which I’m neither for nor against, I just personally don’t believe that Donald Trump is a humanitarian and the idea he is going to save the world is far fetched- you can follow @shine.with.chanda for more info on that)

you know that a lot of what the government has been doing to control minds and harness power- has do to with child sacrifices.

I’m not surprised that all of the sudden after completely denying everything, and after the Epstein documentary came out- Ghrialine Maxwell is arrested by the FBI.

Is anybody else seeing this shit-

cause my next door neighbors are still under the idea that a vaccine by Bill Gates is going to protect them from getting the disease…. and Gates has ties with Epstein.

It’s super interesting because what this Lunar eclipse in Capricorn is allll about ties into taking full responsibility for your actions and words and the emotions they make others feel.

At the same time this idea that we are the victim to a masculine authority is the story that we tell and the story our ancestors have been telling since the beginning of this timeline that the collective is currently riding.

There are two desires the human soul has- to connect and to disconnect.

These desires form the Christ and the Anti-Christ Consciousness.

This energy stems from an ancient place in the stars where the inter-dimensional beings the Sirians, Lyrans, Dracoians, and Andromedans had a galactic war that radiated into every corner of the universe.

This warfare was due to beings desiring to control others through the Anti-Christ Consciousness.

The Sirians

The Lyrans

The Dracoinans

The Andromedans

The Devil card in the Tarot is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

The anti-christ consciousness has been controlling our system and society for a very long time since after the fall of Atlantis and Lumeria.

When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 the cycle for the higher dimensional beings repair of the Christ Consciousness Grid in the cosmos was finalized and the connection desire for humanity was restored.

This is when a lot of souls began waking up to their connection the the interdimensional light beings that have been with us for a long time.

What is happening right now is the climax moment of which way humanity is going to go- and the obvious thing is happening because a lot of people just like you are waking up.

It’s your time my dear starseed to fully activate your remembrance of who you were in The Garden of Eden.

We are restoring Heaven on Earth as we speak and you’re a major part of this plan!

I have EIGHT spots open on my waitlist to get a 33 chakra DNA activation with me in September 2020!

The Great Awakening is ON- and it’s time to prepare your energy centers for full on ascension mode!

In this 2 hour session PLUS 4 one hour follow up session- we work with your energy anatomy of the body and activate your 33 chakras through the spine.

This process assists in opening up all your soul’s energy so I can remove entities, seals, charms, curses, ancestral karma and trauma, and restore your soul fully back into your body so you can get on with living your life’s soul mission.

This activation has had highly transformative effects on many souls who have been ready for a long time to own their spiritual gifts, and this medicine provides a catapult into your future self and your ability to access your highest being and bring them into the flesh.

In the 4 follow up sessions we integrate what the DNA activation has brought up.

This is where I’m teaching you how to be aware and very work in your 33 chakra system.

The activation and healing doesn’t end after you’re opened and aligned- it’s just the beginning! These 4 sessions are for you to really see the process work first hand.

This session is 1,111$ and after this round the value is going to be properly priced at 1888$!

Paying in full is preferred, however payment plans are available.

Send me a message today and let’s book your appointment for September!

I cannot wait to work with you and your guides are beyond ecstatic to come through to serve you as well!



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