Healing the Witch Wound: From Persecution to Prosperity

My whole entire life has felt like I have been on trial just for being my damn self.

Growing up buddhist and being persecuted by the christian kids who told me I was going to hell because I didn’t believe in ‘God” according to them is probably one of the most memorable moments on my journey as a “persecuted” witch.

Let’s really define here what the word witch means and who is one, because history and manipulation of the truth has painted it as one way- and the truth is the witch community is far wider and much more diverse than perceived on classic movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

Why do witches always have to be white and filled with some type of manipulation and evil?

Needless to say there needs to be some clarification and redefinition on what it means to be a witch in 2020, so if you’re with me on this let’s get to it shall we?

There are a lot of people more than ever coming out of their witch closet and getting crystals, cards, jars to do rituals with, and more. The spectrum of what it means to be a witch in the 21st century means we are not only connecting back to the ancient practices of our ancestors but we are also finding a new way to define the witchery of the times.

Being a witch in these days doesn’t mean you have to know how to create spells, love crystals, and call on gods and goddesses for your manifestations- it can litterally mean you believe that in the magic of thinking your reality into exisitence or that we know how to connect with our soul is through climbing high mountains and living a simple life in nature.

Being a witch these days doesn’t mean you do black magic and get burned at the stake- so why do people who want to go against the traditions of the partirachy so often get demonized for doing so?

A lot of people don’t realize it, but there have been past lives where we all lived as these witches who have been burned- and how can you tell?

You feel like if you step fully into your power and become the badass healer shaman psychic lightworker starseed you are- you’ll get killed.

It isn’t just a fear, it feels like an actual reality that will happen to you.

Often times reiki healers, people who really feel called to tap into their psychic gifts and coach people with them and quit their day job, are parylazed by this deep persecution wound that not only effects our personal power but also our value and worth system.

In my workshop at the Samhaim Sister Sleepover happening in Portland, OR October 30th-Novemeber 1st, I am taking the women of the world on a journey deep into their akashic records to explore the witch wound and the persecution their soul has faced, to remove blocks and step into prosperity and abundance.

When I started my business 6 years ago as of March 2021, I was shook to my core that I would be persecuted in some way or another, and this created a lot of lack and unalignment in my life. It wasn’t until i started to realize what my soul was holding onto did these patterns of self sabotoge begin to stop.

When we start to claim prosperity in a way that our soul really came to recieve, we will always be faced with some type of thought or belief that makes us the victim to persecution. It’s imperative for us as awakeing beings to increase awareness to these wounds and begin to activate the potential of us fully aligning and claiming abudnance as ours again.

If you’re desiring to heal your witch wound with us at the Samhaim Sister Sleepover- we are selling in person and virtual experience passes so all can attend!

This retreat is held at a private air bnb with a raw vegan chef and many other divine feminine workshops to heal the wound and overcome the persecution of being ourselves- the wild witchy women we are!




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