is your ascension bringing up soul truama that needs to be cleared?

When i first started my spiritual awakening process it was low key kind of like rainbows and butterflies but it was also like “omg there is so much to learn and i have a lot of fucking truama to heal but I’m just gonna keep eating a lot of psychadelics and traveling and hope that it all works out”.

I didn’t have the tools at the beginning of my awakening to process to process all the memories and emotions that were stored in my psyche and in my body on my own, and being on the streets homeless at 22 while going through a spiritual awakening wasn’t the quite ideal ascension process that you see on the gram lately.

When I went home to Tennessee after hitchhiking I had to turn myself into jail because I had some responsibilities to take care of. There was this pattern of addiction and being a hard gangster that I had picked up on from my early childhood truama with my dad on drugs and in and out of jail that was being completely pulled out of me whether I wanted it to or not.

It felt hard to take responsiblity for myself, let alone radical responsibility for who I am and these passions inside me that kept calling me to pursue them-

It felt hard because I was the victim. It felt hard because I was still holding onto the opression- like it was keeping me safe or something. I thought for a really long time I was never going to be able to let go of the stories that kept me trapped but I somehow in the past 8 years of my spiritual awakening was always guided to a path that lead the way to what I wanted.

If i hadn’t learned about manifestation I don’t think I would have manifested my shaman Lori Michelle Love in my life. She came to me through a friend from high school who told me “i had to know her” and he was right, I had to know her.

Lori taught me everything I know about the 7 chakras, shamanic counseling, mask work, herbs, being a goddess, and giving birth to a baby on top of how to be a conscious person that leads and holds space. I knew my whole life I was born to lead- I would even say it when I wasn’t embodied in it. So for me to reach that point where I had a path that I felt passionate about and I felt confident to follow it, that was huge.

When I sat with Lori in goddess circle and 1:1 the medicine that poured through her soul was potent, pure, and exactly what I needed to heal my mother wound. She showed me how to soften, she showed me how to feel, she showed me how to detach and observe, and how to find ecstacy and pleasure in the discomfort of birthing a new reality for myself. She didn’t think I was crazy in a bad way, when I thought I was she would say “yeah but we all are, it’s a part of it” and that level of acceptance- that I had never had- that I have never been given to from others or for myself…

that alone was healing.

There are steps to this ascension process and it’s moving faster than ever before and when you start to awaken to the world around you as something other than bills, work, and hopefully making it- you start to ask certain questions that maybe you’ve been told you don’t have answers to. You start to question everything and none of it but all of it starts to make sense.

Your ascension process isn’t meant to kill you and it’s not meant to be done alone, and there are a lot of people in the world right now who say they have answers that they aren’t fully embodied in. We must use discernment when we choose to work with people-

and one way to tell is if they are embodied or not- is based on the content there share.

are they portraying a perfect lifestyle or are they telling you the truth about what it takes to be someone successful?

are they telling you real life stories or are they fabricating misconceived spiritual ideas to sound “5D and shit”?

are they showing up daily in all their gl,ory and in all their work or are they making posts here and there and not really letting you in?

I knew Lori was my healer because she was transparent AF and exactly the medicine I needed at the time. I also was not seeking out a healer on instagram- I let source guide me to who i needed to work with.

So if you’re here reading this and everything I just wrote is a fuck yes- then I think you’re my soul aligned fuck yes client and I want to work with you!


2 hours of shamanic journey work through your 33 chakras + four one hour spiritual coaching sessions!

This activation is this high frequency spiritual awakening you have been searching for if…

🧬 you want to open up all your psychic healing intuitive gifts and master them

🧬 gain clarity on your soul purpose and why you’re here and how to serve your mission

🧬 wanna heal your shadow to the core so you can be free from karmic patterns

🔥 Week 1: a 2 hour healing session on the energy anatomy of your body to activate DNA, heal past lives, bring your soul fully into your body, and heal trauma and align with your soul purpose more than ever before.

🔥 Week 2: astrology integration: begin to understand your divine personality blueprint and what keys it holds for you to create purposeful profit from being yourself out in the world.

🔥 Week 3: tailored to you personal growth session to fully embody the light body that we have brought in and the astrology codes that you’re beginning to understand. Here in this session we evaluate the things playing out in your life and how you can fine attune your frequency to the highest level of embodiment so you can become who came to be on this planet.

🔥 Week 4: closing ceremony to fully seal in your activation plus a clear step by step plan on how to take action with your 33 chakra DNA activation energy in tack and ready! This is a ceremony dedicated to your soul and your growth.

🔥 Week 5: this last session is to follow up with any type of energy that may be playing out and coaching on how to take 3D steps in your new 5D reality and life. This serves as a final buffer to purge and integate anything brought up from the activation.

2222$ PIF

head to the link to pay now and schedule your first session-

xoxo <3


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