Your Spiritual Awakening Isn’t A Reality TV Show

Hasn’t it felt like more and more lately that personal development in the form of manifestation, chakras, and sound baths have become some type or reality TV show as to who is the most vegan spiritual hippie dippie doing the most plant medicine ever?

Next thing you know there is going to be some type of spiritual challenge as to who can fast the longest and not die- and whoever wins gets 1,000,000$.

I remember when I woke up in 2012 which was only 8 years ago- there were not as many people awakening as they are now- and it looked a whole lot different. I was homeless on the streets hitchhiking figuring out how I was going to live in nature full time and do society, but the more political the spiritual world gets and the more plant medicine that people seem to do to awaken it has me thinking, is there some type of false light happening?

Who in the world would hijack an ascension of awakening spiritual beings to control them? Let’s be real ya’ll- what part of our reptilian government wouldn’t?

I was isolated and alone a lot of my spiritual journey and I certainly wasn’t scorlling social media looking for spiritual people to follow and idolize. I was serious about fixing my life because I had come thorugh a lot of really fucked up truama and I needed some salvation or I was going to go fucking nuts.

I’m honestly kind of gratful for the lack of sheltering spiritual awakening I had because it shook me to the core and it wasn’t like omg I’m learning about epstien island to the core- it was like omg i’m watching this homeless dude shoot up heroin under his blanket becuase he’s a schizophrenic addict and i have my eyes closed and I can see him in my third eye vibes- true story.

The things i saw I wouldn’t want my own daughter to see during a spiritual awakening but something inside my soul has always craved this realness…. you know the realness you don’t see on scripted reality TV shows.

I’m tired of spirituality and chakras trending because there is in fact an infiltrated false light that is trying to control the ascension of humanity- you know if we all wake up they lose all their power. And while a lot of people are getting 80% of the truth, there is 20% of the information they are recieving that is just a flat out lie which is creating all types of spiritual bypassing, judmentalism, and drama for no fucking reason.

I honestly used to LOVE the false illusion of reality TV shows when I was a teenager, and I swear to god that programming haunts me even at almost 30 years old. I liked escaping into a fake perfect reality where there were hot boys and girl drama and it was all in the name of partying but flip the script to 2020 and it’s all about hape, kambo, bufo, and cacao ceremonies.

But what about the spiritual community feels the most like a reality TV show? The amount of fake deep people unwilling to take off their “love and light” masks to talk about the real shit that goes down in our interpersonal relationships.

From the outside looking in if you’re a part of a spiritual community in 2020 everyone seems “so woke” but the deeper you go the more you realize how fake the connections people have with eachother- and what for? Followers? to hide from the childhood truama they think they healed after a few kundalini sessions and breathwork?

The tools don’t matter if you’re not integrating the work. And sometimes this community feels like a lot of “false masters” speaking and everyone listening- but the real ones are shunned as “mean” or “lacking responsiblity” when the truth of the matters leak out.

What’s the one thing the spiritual journey is supposed to do for us all? Lead us back to our true authentic selves.

A lot of online and offline communities more interested in the hype the spiritual journey brings than the actual dark as fuck facing your shit crying in the corner shadow work does. And being honest some of this shit is not meant to be done in large groups.

Because spirituality has been so diluted and manipulated for so many fucking years we have to take into account that there can absolutely be a false light hijacking all types of spiritual channels to manipulate, confuse, and control the masses.

8 years ago nobody was talking about chakras on the internet- next thing you know everyone is a chakra healer. You have to use discernment to figure out who your real spiritual teachers are- and you can’t just trust everyone.

I am here to create change not make peace- this isn’t about making peace with anyone other than myself. My soul aligned fuck yes clients who work with me are here for this, and if you’re not aligned with the truth of the matter- then I’m definitely not your healer.

It’s my gift to call people out and if you’re open to it it’s the best medicine ever, and if you’re not it’s gonna hurt and you won’t like it. I’m not here to be a part of the spiritual housewives of LA- I’m here to create massive change on a systemic level, and my soul aligned fuck yes clients are here for this too.

If you desire to work with me 1:1 peak my website to check my offers- all containers are open at this time, I will be booking out through March 2021.

I can’t wait to meet you and work with you!

xoxo <3


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