New Moon in Aries April 11th 2021

aries is all about learning how to control the emotional body and not react with physical, mental, emotional, and verbal agression to self and others when triggered or set off.

Aries is the Ram spirit animal

it’s a fire sign, so it’s all about intiation with aries. and the initation is that of the self.
when we want more money we have to learn how to feel our way into having more and become that energetic expansion so it can materialize in to the world.

when we want more love we have to give ourselves more love through really caring about our well-being and that person who reflects the way we feel about ourselves will come to us.
the feeling has to be contained it can’t just be raw energy, it has to have a drive- passion- a focus.

if you have any aries in your chart it’s really important for you to channel your emotions through your physical body.

overly internalizing or externalizing your emotions will only cause harm to you and others around you if you don’t learn to channel these raw life force energies into something that makes you feel whole and grounded.

it can be really easy to play the victim when it comes to the emotions that Aries brings to the surface, but it’s also equally as easy to turn all that firey pain into conviction and courage to rise and create what you desire.

The lesson with Aries in short?

It’s all a choice as to how you react or respond to the energy surging through you, aka your life force.

Where is all this fire coming from inside of you?

The moon is in a conjunction with mercury.

Moon=emotions and mercury=mind.

There is a sense of harmony between your emotional and mental body that is giving us all an opportunity to step into courage and have the conviction of creating what we truly want.

This is the starting point of you breaking those toxic cycles that have kept you bound for too long.

If you’re conscious of the energy and you’re using it for good, it’s a time for you to go for the thing that you’ve been wanting to go for!

Here are some journaling questions for you to use to help you manifest with the new moon.

-on what life topics (money, love, kids, etc) do I need to control my mind and emotions more?

-Where can I take more action toward creating my dreams?

-what am i most passionate about in my life?

-how can I take charge of my emotional desires?

Use these questions tonight in your ritual to help you uncover any unconscious energies that are ready to be acknowledged and worked through.



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