How Being a Traditional Surrogate Mother helped me grow my spiritual coaching business

It was really important for me to give something meaningful to another this lifetime.

My whole life I was seeking out others who were challenged in some way.

I wanted to show them how to overcome their adversity…

or at the very least give them a part of myself to plant the seed for that to happen to their soul sometime on along this infininte journey.

When I was in college I wanted to carry a baby for another person, but I also knew that I did not want to do it the hormonal way (with someone else’s egg inside me through an agency). I had this desire to pass my DNA along to someone else who could not have their own. My paternal grandmother had 10 kids and my maternal grandmother had 4. Populating the planet comes naturally for my DNA- it’s a gift of mine I had come to learn.

After having a spiritual awakening, birthing my first child, studying massage therapy and energy work with a shaman, and manifesting my twin flame life partner my life became about being as free as possible.

My partner and I wanted to live on a bus or in an RV and travel, but at the time we were struggling emmensely in Los Angeles at his mom’s house. It was all an internal battle of the mind and the heart that was heavily rooted in karmic chords being broken and the DNA activating to higher forms of healing and creation. It was intense to say the least, and we wanted to travel…. BAAAAD.

Finally after 7 months of nonstop struggle and battles my brother came for a visit, and the next day I had him pack the rental car with what we could take and drive us up to my grandmother’s ranch.

iris, angelo, and liv 2015

Four months later after…

two weeks of life in central california

a 3 day bus ride to chattanooga

three months in Tennessee

a 7 day drive to Portland

we ended up in a house with a woman and her two kids I had met on my hitchhiking journey in 2012.

She was a healer, writer, and speaker and did her work online through social media.

Before we had left California I had gotten fired from my corporate massage therapy job (thank you guides) and was pushed by my intuition to start an online business where I sell tarot readings online.

Lightworker Liv 2015

I did not know exactly what I was doing and there was a lot of subconscious fear to letting anyone in to help me figure it out, so I decided to just figure out how this online spiritual readings, healings, and coaching world worked.

A part of the reason why we were struggling so much is because we had a lot to face around being an adult, especially when it came to money.

We had bills to pay and neither one of us was trying to sell our soul to the corporations anymore just to survive. We wanted to create a living being ourselves and get paid really well for that.

The lack and poverty story was real and it came to the point that we didn’t pay our rent unitl the middle of the month and we almost got evicted.

I started scolling on craigslist to see if there were any gig opportunities to make money, and I came across an add searching for a traditional surrogate baby to donate an egg and carry the baby.

I was intrigued because I had never seen anyone asking for this type of surrogate and they were offering to pay 1500$ a month for 12 months.

I asked angelo if he would be okay with me doing something like this, and he said he would so I instantly sent them an email to set up a time.

The experience unfolded so quickly I was at their house seeing angel numbers like 111 and 222 and my name was written on the wall in the house (litterally). So many signs told me I was supposed to make this contract with them, and that’s what I did.

This enbabled us to build our businesses from home and pursue our dream of living on a bus and traveling the US.

It only took us three tries to get pregnant and when I said I took a positive test the soon to be mother didn’t even believe me.

The whole time while all of the pregnancy was unfolding we were able to make our dream of living on a bus and travelling come true.

I had started showing up more online and sharing offers. I was learning more about marketing and facebook groups, and my determination to be able to have a thriving business by the time I birthed the surrogate baby was fueling me every step of the way.

Service. I was being initiated into sacred service- selfless service. Even though I was benefiting financially from the surrogate contract, to me nobody could ever truly pay you any amount of money to give them your child. The money was a plus and a major deciding factor for me, but this traditional surrogacy was a calling to birth a business and a baby at the sime time.

Being pregnant and consciously activating my psychic gifts had me in such a creative wo. I was no longer just giving readings….

  • I was learning the gem of the Facebook spiritual coaching community
  • I was giving energy work
  • I was giving coaching
  • I was teaching free and paid masterclasses
  • I was channeling beings and messages for others

I had NEVER in my life done any of those things consciously before, but the activation of self that came from making a baby for someone else, being pregnant, and birthing a business was suddenly birthing a whole new person right before my eyes.

I had a fear of losing myself if I became too big and famous. You know that’s what hollywood portrays… people coming from nothing and just losing it all or getting a super big ego. My spiritual work an my humanitarian work came first.

Growing a baby like that for someone else AND birthing a soul service based business at the same time taught me so much about proper energy exchange, using discernment, investing in myself, asking for what I truly wanted from others and from the universe.

It was 10 months of learning how to trust that even if I did not know the details of how and when.

It was 10 months of learning to create the life of my dreams just by healing these deep subconscious wounds in my mind that kept me small.

It was 10 months of liberation of my higher self into the realm and exactly what I needed for my 26th year on the planet.

By the time I gave birth I was making consistent sales in my business- almost 1500-3000$ a month in my business just by posting in facebook groups and networking.

birth of surrogate baby september 2018

On Septemember 18th, 2016 I birthed the surrogate baby and it was one of the most transformational experiences of my life.

It was also one of the sadest moments of my life. The whole time I had said I would be fine, that it was for a good cause, i was going to be okay. When the time came to leave the baby with the family, I laid him on the bed and put my hand on his chest and balled my eyes out.

Leaving my biological baby after carrying him and him carrying me through that journey knowing I would not be a part of raising him was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life.

My soul kept saying “honor the contract” because I knew I was not to be the one he would call more or raise him.

The transition was hard for my partner as well, becuase my first child was not his on a biological level.

Even though he loved raising his daughter he really wanted a son. It was triggering for him that I had birthed a boy for another family and had not done that for him.

It was a dark night of the soul after the birth with lots of emotional ups and downs.

I smoked herbal ciggerates with sage, lavender, and mugwort to help with the depression and drying up the milk that was coming in. My body thought my baby had died. The hormonal drop was real.

We spent 6 weeks in the area recovering from the experience. I saw the surrogate one time before we left town and I have not seen him since. I knew that the lesson for me was total detachment. I had to 100% let go of my creation in order for it to flourish and fulfill it’s soul contract it came.

This lesson stuck with any attachments I was dealing with in myself about my business.

In those 8 weeks of recovery I launched my very first coaching program and sold it out. I was in shock at how easy life was becoming and I was learning to say yes to myself.

We headed south for the winter at the end of October. Oregon was getting cold and we had family to see for the holidays in Los Angeles and San Diego.

iris liv and angelo 2016

The surrogate journey taught me the power of the feminine energy through selfless service, energy exchange, and birthing creations for others.

Although I would never carry another baby for a family again, I realized that it’s a part of my gift to help women birth babies and businesses.

This evolutionary experience inspired me to create my 12 month signature program Conscious Pregnancy.

I learned so much about birth and business at the same time, and it made me realize how rare that really is.

It’s such a fine balance to deisre both being a mother and a badass CEO, and there is no such thing as doing it alone successfully.

I did not get through that experience without support and I quickly learned to lean in and recieve and invest because it would get me where I want to be.

So this program is based on these experiences but completely tailored to you and your needs.

If you want to learn more about this high level 5 figure investment head over to my website to read the details and sign up.

I have two spaces open for the next year and if you’re ready to say yes to yourself then don’t let this moment pass you.

xoxo <3


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