How I Became a Six Figure Spiritual Business Owner

And it didn’t happen overnight by ANY means.

A part of me feels like I tell this story all the time- but I realize, that each time I tell the story I tell it in a different way that just hits with more….

more inspiration

more clairty

more understanding

more reverence

more passion

it just hits more, every single time this stroy gets told.

I was 24 years old, I had just moved into the pico rivera house with Angelo and his mom and sister. I was under some pretty narly emotional and psychological abuse living with all of the, but of course I only have that perspective now 7 years later.

Before I had moved iris and I to Los Angeles I had gotten a degree in massage therapy, studied with a shaman counselor, and found out about the life coaching world. I was hiding though. I was working a corporate massage job that I hated. I felt stuck, and I did not know how to get myself out of this horrible feeling.

I was missing the baby years of my daughter’s life, while a family that I had just met was taking care of her. I loved Angelo, I wanted him to be her dad- but I had such mixed feelings about his mom (who probably still hates me to this day) being around my baby girl just for the energetic reason that we did not resonate… my mom brain thought “how is that going to effect my relationship with my daughter in the long run?”

I would come home at night so sore, so tired, so worn out. The burn out did not last long, because the universe did me a favor and got me fired- I remember crying in the office of the manager, closing my eyes, and just seeing pink and purple light surrounding me. I was afraid because I didn’t know how his mom was going to react- but at the same time I knew something really good was coming.

It was May 2015 when I got fired, and I ran from the nudges in me to start an online spiritual business until about july 2015- when I yet again had to quit a spa job, because things just weren’t working out.

I decided when I got home that night I would start offering tarot readings online. I had no idea how to market, where to market, or how to sell- but I trusted the nudges more and more and started doing it anyway.

I remember the first 100$ I made in my business, it was such a cool feeling knowing that I could provide a service and get paid for it. My ego was still tripping out at the level of freedom I wanted to create for my life, so self sabotoge was strong. I didn’t commit instantly to a daily method of operation- I was still holding on to the employee mindset, thinking I had to work for someone else to survive.

When we moved to portland at the end of 2015, the struggle to feed ourselves was real and I knew I had to get myself out of survival mode so I could build an online presence that thrived.

A lot of what was going on in my head was the persecution wound. I was afraid I was going to be found out as a fruad- or worse a fake healer. I knew deep down I was a shaman but I was afraid of how people would react by calling myself that. I was afraid that there were too many people already doing what I was doing, and I wouldn’t make any money at all. I was afraid to truly and whole heartedly recieve heavily for my gifts and be seen for who I really am.

I was afraid, but I did it anyway.

I started journaling daily, meditating, doing yoga and consistent breathwork. I committed to showing up online through posts and live videos even if nobody liked them, or showed up to see.

I would put out offers that felt good from my heart, and I would even get a few sales. But my beleif system was still struggling to really accept that I could (and would) make a full time income from working for myself at home doing something I really love.

So I decided to do something I had always wanted to do.

I came across a craigslist ad of a family looking for a traditional surrogate (the woman uses her egg) to have a baby for them. I read the ad over and over- surrogacy was something I had considered doing my whole life, but the idea of having to use hormones and put someone else’s egg in my body turned me away.

This was different, I would use my egg and her husband’s sperm to make a baby- and get paid 1700$ a month for 12 months to do it.

This was the perfect solution to my entreperneur problem, so I got ahold of the family and within 6 weeks I was pregnant with their son Wilder.

I felt safe enough to pursue my biggest dreams at the time-

living on a school bus and travelling with Iris and Angelo and building my full time online spiritual business.

I was hiding behind tarot, but the truth was- I am a shamanic energy healer…

and I needed to own that fully.

The next 10 months Iris, angelo, and I travelled the west coast while I grew Wilder and expanded into selling group coaching programs.

I remember looking down at my paypal income for the month and realizing I was hitting consistent 5k months just by offering 1 day group programs and activations, and 1:1 readings.

I thought to myself “omg I’m doing it” but the fear of not having the 1700$ a month after Wilder was born, was real. I had more journaling work to do around getting out of my head about being an employee vs. being an entrepreneur…

so I got to work.

the main things happening around this time was that…

I started showing up on live video consistently.

I started making offers weekly.

I started building a community of people who wanted what I had to offer.

But most importantly I did not hide or run away from doing the work-

I showed up and I did it.

if i had let fear continue to talk me out of my dream, even when life was happening-

I would NEVER have the business and credibility and reputation I do as a spiritual life and business coach today.

Wilder was born and 2 months later I launched my first group program and sold it out.

I had more challenges to get through though.

Between 2016-2018 my business grew the most financially and after having my son aspen, I looked down and was making consistent 8k months without even having to think about it.

From 2018-2021 there has been a huge pivot in how I show up and work. The foundation of my business is built…

not only externally but internally as well.

I have been making consistent 5 figure months, my highest at 30,000$ in a month (FOR REAL)- for the past 2 years and business feels more like a game than work at this point.

None of my business being built came without fear, failure, and facing my demons to get where I want to be.

Like that one time I planned a whole entire mastermind in Bali and cancelled it the day before because my doctor said it wasn’t safe for me to travel that far being pregnant with aspen.

Or when I was collaborating consistently with another healer in my town and she and I had a public fight on live video.

I have felt fear.

I have failed and felt like shit.

I have faced so many demons on this path.

But i would not change any of it for the world because what I’ve learned about building a six figure online spiritual business has so much value that I’m complying into a whole ass group program for the spirit biz owners that want to grow to consistent 5-30k months in 2022.

I created a group program so you don’t have to trial and error as much as I did to get to the income level you really want in your business.

πŸ‘½ The Spirit Business Incubator Group Coaching Program starts on 1/11/22 and lasts 7 weeks!!

I’m calling in the healers who are…

πŸ”₯ dedicated to make a greater impact AND increase their income

πŸ”₯ want to learn how to create the business of their dreams with joy, ease, and flexibility

πŸ”₯ down AF to perfect their entrepreneurial skills through holistic, analytical, and spiritual tools

⭐️ In this group coaching program you will learn…

βœ… how to write copy that converts at a high level

βœ… how to package your service to create irresistible offers

βœ… how to sell your healing and coaching without a niche

βœ… following trends vs. following intuition

βœ… how to build an online community and sustain connection and engagement

βœ… messaging to the masses to scale your income

βœ… how to stand out as a healer in the online market

βœ… how to sell and utilize your unique gifts

βœ… how to work with the 7 chakras on a day to day to create success, reach goals, and get results

βœ… money mindset (employee mindset vs entrepreneur mindset)

βœ… strategic selling, social media marketing (reels, memes, and more)

βœ… how to make live videos, youtube channel, podcasts, and blogs that make money

YOU GET… πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

✍🏾 a workbook filled with daily prompts and worksheets

πŸ“² voxer accountability chat with access to me 24/7

πŸ“š daily homework assigned in a private facebook group

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ accountability buddies assigned

πŸ“ž weekly 2 hour zoom call recorded

😍 THREE BONUS zoom group coaching calls to work thru subconscious blocks

✨ VIPs get THREE 1:1 coaching sessions with me ✨

The program is open enrollment ⬇️⬇️⬇️

πŸ’Έ 555$ paid in full


πŸ’Έ 2 monthly payments of 288$

VIP option is…

πŸ’Έ 999$ paid in full


πŸ’Έ 2 monthly payments of 555$

If you are a FUCK YES-

πŸ”₯ DM me β€œI’m in!”

πŸ”₯ and we will sign you up TODAY!

Can’t wait to help your business grow in 2022!!



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