How to Overcome victicm mentality as a highly sensitive person/empath

When I first started my business in 2015, it was very clear to my early on that I was were for two kinds of people-

the highly sensitive ones

and the empaths.

I have a deep heart for the ones who are sensitive to the point of no return, and I relate deeply with the ones who can carry the pain of another in their own emotional body.

Sensitivity and emotion are so creative and when we are…

feeling it all-

it is very easy to lose focus on the emotions that create the good things vs. the emotions that create the not so good things.

You’ve heard this before, it’s a blessing and a curse to be so sensitive to your surroundings and so in tune with emotions that you feel others’ and yours too.

Escaping the victim mentality as a highly sensitive person/empath is an adveristy me and my clients i work with have faced- and everyone’s story is different, but the energetic function of what’s happening on a subconscious level is the same for every HSP/empath.

  1. HSP/empaths become the victim of their reality when the emotions of others aren’t conceputalized on the spiritual/energetic level they are supposed to be. Meaning, when we do not fully attune to the truth that even though it’s hard, everything ANYONE is experiencing is a choice on some level… we give away our power to take radical responsibility to change the circumstances of ourseleves/or another.

2. Because our heart’s are so open, and our energy is so pure- taking criticism, or experiencing massive changes can pull on our emotional attachments to what feels safe we do not choose, or we choose the same thing- and we continue to stay the same. There is a level of strength needed in your high sensitivity and emotions, otherwise the wave will just crash over you and you may or may not drown.

3. When we feel too much- or when we are so sensitive we get easily overwhelmed, making a choice can feel really hard. Many HSP/empaths can get stuck in the decision phase when they are not properly declaring their heart’s desires (i.e. speaking them, writing them, clairfying them by decluttering your own and other’s negative emotions that you carry within yourself etc).

4. The victim, in and of itself is a choice. What I see HSP/empaths become the victim of is often a product of the inner child insecurities that are still effecting the choices one makes; and if the inner child is in a state of emotional overwhelm and high sensitivity- we choose from our trauma, not from our dream state.

The thing is, IT IS EASY to say “oh i’m so sensitive or too empathetic, I don’t want to do this-” but when you allow your emotional state to control your mind, and your mind to control your emotional state- or even when you allow the thoughts of others to control your own mind, and emotional state- you are giving away your power.

You are not here to be a trash recepitcal for negative emotions, and many HSP/empaths who have experienced childhood trauma- will allow themselves to be victim to the negativity later on in life, which will constantly create self sabotoge and self betrayal over and over.

Being the victim, when you are given an opportunity to be free- it has to be broken. Your escape route as an HSP/empath is to learn to control your own emotional and mental body, and how I do that is through the energy anatomy of the body and astrology.

Understanding my karma through how the planets were aligned when I was born into this Earth gives me a decent perspective on my personality and how I carry around the coginitive and cellular memories of my parents and can easily fall back on their patterns when i’m not being mindful and living my authentic truth as a healer, shaman, writer, musician, and cosmic director.

How the planets dance and move within me and without of me create cycles, moods, and patterns that my soul chose to experience. Knowing this, takes me out of victim. Understanding this assists me in choosing to apply my wiill power in the moment the pattern, mood, or cycle arises- giving me the opportunity to CHOOSE my reality rather than be the victim to this negative energy.

Example: Fighting with my baby daddy- a cycle many of us have a choice in, but often feel the victim to. After this last time of freaking out on him because I thought him and his girlfriend were pregnant and they were lying to me (two days later he told me they were and they didn’t know #psychicwitch), I realized that everytime I give away my power to the emotional pain I am being the victim. I went to do the work in my 18th chakra- my free will and freedom point. I used emotional freedom technique (EFT) on my lungs and stated my story, with instant transmutation of it with channeled affrimations from my higher self. I felt better. I took my power back. I forgave him, I forgave her, I forgave myself. And when the feeling kept coming up for the past week and half I have and will keep doing the same. The work is never done, not being the vicitm is a choice I make in the moment every time the feeling arises.

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