How To Set (Better) Boundaries as an HSP/Empath

Google defines the word boundary “a limit of a subject or sphere of activity”.

If you identify as an empath or highly sensitive person, at what point in your life were you taught to limit the psychic activity and the toll on feeling it all?

Chances are, you were not.

When I think about my life and the lack of limits its had in protecting my own emotionality- from myself, and others, I have not had very good boundaries in honoring my high sensitivity and empathy.

You see, a lot of HSP/empaths don’t want to limit their activity, or rather feel like they can’t limit activity in being highly sensitive and empathetic to your enviornment. The activity I’m talking about isn’t necessarily even concious activitiy, it’s more so an underlying unconscious power that we have as highly sensitive people empaths- which makes it even harder to learn to have limits to what your experience is.

  1. Feeling other people’s unwanted negative emotions and not knowing how to transmute them: a problem many empaths have and do not know what to do with. learning to work with your 11th chakra (your transmutation chakra) is vital for empaths who feel it all, even other people’s emotions. The 11th chakra is a pink light that is surrounding the hands and feet. When activated and working properly, it acts as a trasmutator of negative energy, taking in the lower vibrational emotions and thoughts and words of those in your environment- sucking it in as if it were a vaccum to its pink light, instantly changing it’s frequency and putting it back out into the enviornment for postive manifestations. Activating this chakra can create an unconscious boundary for HSP/empaths so when they are in heavy environments negative emotions just flow easily and effortlessly.

2. Saying no, and not feeling guilty for it. Sometimes it’s hard for HSP/empaths to say no to people who need help, but it’s so important to know your own limits and say no when you have nothing to give. HSP/empaths are some of the most compassionate, loving people in the world, but sometimes our blessing is also our curse. Empaths/HSP’s must say no to people who do not want to help themselves, family/friends that only come around to soak up your good vibes, narcisstic people who only want to take, and the list goes on. Saying no can be done with love, and it doesn’t mean you’re not honoring your gift as an HSP/empath- it means you’re respecting yourself.

3. getting alone time is an absolute necessary boundary all HSP/empaths need to implement, even if you are a parent- no ESPECIALLY if you are a parent. Feeling everyone’s energy all the time is draining in and of itself, and if you are not giving yourself AT LEAST 10 minutes a day of full on alone time just to check in with your own energy, you will burn out. Taking time alone is not a crime, and if people in your life do not support this or do not understand- help them understand and support you in it, by making a strong limit around the activity you are willing to engage in.

4. create a solid routine and stick to it. Talking about boundaries can seem like a very external process of communicating your needs and wants as an HSP/empath, but we need not forget about setting boundaries within ourselves too. what routines are you following on a day to day basis to make sure your own emotional body is up to par for being around others, even your own children. For me it’s having a weekly regimne of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual personal development to master the tools of self-control and live life on my terms- not the terms of what I am feeling in my enviornment. For me, this is-

-meditating silently or with a guided voice

-moving my body via yoga, dance, workout

-listening to personal development podcats and audiobooks

-having somatic experiences

-EFT tapping on my 33 chakras

– breathwork

-being mindful of what my subconscious is saying in my body, talking to my nervous system outloud and internally

-saying internal and external prayers on a consistent basis to Source, my guides, my higher self and nature to feel connected to something bigger and greater than me (which helps me feel aligned to my purpose on the planet).

These external and internal boundaries are key to creating a healthy life experience as an HSP/empath. Of course these are only my tools that I study, learn, and teach- but I am sharing this with you…

because this shit works, you guys.

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