Facing Fear as an HSP/Empath

I think it should be known before you read this-

it is LITERALLY my soul mission to help powerful HSP/empaths feel safe, stable, secure, and strong in their superpower as a FEELER. And in this mission I MUST bust these myths, lies, and stories that our ego and the negaitivty tell us so we can RISE together as HSP/empaths and radiate positivity out into the world #forreal.

SO with THAT being said-

let’s talk about the biggest liar of all when it comes to emotions…


So- fear DOES have a purpose, but it’s purpose is often misused and overused to the extent that it blocks our ability to listen to our intuition and act on inspiration to create what we desire.

Think about it, as a highly sensitive person/empath- your feelings are your guide. But you are not only feeling your feelings, you are feeling alll the subconscious under-the-surface emotions of everyone in your enviornment, and sometimes even in the world.

With the past two years being FILLED with excess fear, I have heard from many of my HSP/empaths clients and friends- how hard it has felt to overcome these heavy emotions. The emotions can feel so heavy and strong many are/have been experiencing anxiety, fear, and the like.

The only way to truly overcome any fear is to face it head on. For me, my biggest fear of all is death. Not because i don’t know what’s next- but because I don’t want to leave before my time. As an HSP/empath the past 2 years have been filled with the idea of death at any moment, but what I had to face was the emotions behind the fear to fully accept that I could live.

When we don’t face fear as empaths/hsp’s we stay in the same realm of feeling that we are programmed to be in. Living in fear is not only harmful to your dreams, it’s harmful to your mind, body, soul, and most importantly your emotional body.

When we choose to face fear, when we choose to say this is scary but I’m going to look at it anyway- we are able to use our vulnerbility as our strength. It’s the gift of being able to feel- and when that gift is in control of your consciousness, you have the ability to feel emotions, transmute them into positive feelings for manifestation of your reality.

transmuting fear takes steps in self awareness and gathering intuitive tools to become an inner guidance system to follow when your shadow (and others) emerges. The fear is the lie, it’s the lie that you were programmed to the believe. Your intuition is telling you with subtle nudges and inspiried feelings that you are the thing you desire- and it’s up to you to choose to BE that thing!

It is so much easier to let fear talk you out of showing up, that’s why NOT every single highly sensitive person or empath in their power (in some ways) is not taking QUANTUM self care of THEM.

Meaning- you are not only tending to your physical health by moving your body daily, mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health.

If you are so madly in love with yourself as you say you are (or are learning to say you are)-

and if you know to be true that you function a whole lot different than most people in the world because of your hyper awareness of emotions and what is going on in your enviornment-

then before you go about your day, work, life it should absolutely be your number one priority to take care of yourself BEFORE you expend any energy to anyone or anything else.

Before you take care of your kids

Before you go to work

Before you go to the gym

Before you do anything else

Take care of you- because that is what you truly need.

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