Your Spiritual Awakening Isn’t A Reality TV Show

Hasn’t it felt like more and more lately that personal development in the form of manifestation, chakras, and sound baths have become some type or reality TV show as to who is the most vegan spiritual hippie dippie doing the most plant medicine ever?

Next thing you know there is going to be some type of spiritual challenge as to who can fast the longest and not die- and whoever wins gets 1,000,000$.

I remember when I woke up in 2012 which was only 8 years ago- there were not as many people awakening as they are now- and it looked a whole lot different. I was homeless on the streets hitchhiking figuring out how I was going to live in nature full time and do society, but the more political the spiritual world gets and the more plant medicine that people seem to do to awaken it has me thinking, is there some type of false light happening?

Who in the world would hijack an ascension of awakening spiritual beings to control them? Let’s be real ya’ll- what part of our reptilian government wouldn’t?

I was isolated and alone a lot of my spiritual journey and I certainly wasn’t scorlling social media looking for spiritual people to follow and idolize. I was serious about fixing my life because I had come thorugh a lot of really fucked up truama and I needed some salvation or I was going to go fucking nuts.

I’m honestly kind of gratful for the lack of sheltering spiritual awakening I had because it shook me to the core and it wasn’t like omg I’m learning about epstien island to the core- it was like omg i’m watching this homeless dude shoot up heroin under his blanket becuase he’s a schizophrenic addict and i have my eyes closed and I can see him in my third eye vibes- true story.

The things i saw I wouldn’t want my own daughter to see during a spiritual awakening but something inside my soul has always craved this realness…. you know the realness you don’t see on scripted reality TV shows.

I’m tired of spirituality and chakras trending because there is in fact an infiltrated false light that is trying to control the ascension of humanity- you know if we all wake up they lose all their power. And while a lot of people are getting 80% of the truth, there is 20% of the information they are recieving that is just a flat out lie which is creating all types of spiritual bypassing, judmentalism, and drama for no fucking reason.

I honestly used to LOVE the false illusion of reality TV shows when I was a teenager, and I swear to god that programming haunts me even at almost 30 years old. I liked escaping into a fake perfect reality where there were hot boys and girl drama and it was all in the name of partying but flip the script to 2020 and it’s all about hape, kambo, bufo, and cacao ceremonies.

But what about the spiritual community feels the most like a reality TV show? The amount of fake deep people unwilling to take off their “love and light” masks to talk about the real shit that goes down in our interpersonal relationships.

From the outside looking in if you’re a part of a spiritual community in 2020 everyone seems “so woke” but the deeper you go the more you realize how fake the connections people have with eachother- and what for? Followers? to hide from the childhood truama they think they healed after a few kundalini sessions and breathwork?

The tools don’t matter if you’re not integrating the work. And sometimes this community feels like a lot of “false masters” speaking and everyone listening- but the real ones are shunned as “mean” or “lacking responsiblity” when the truth of the matters leak out.

What’s the one thing the spiritual journey is supposed to do for us all? Lead us back to our true authentic selves.

A lot of online and offline communities more interested in the hype the spiritual journey brings than the actual dark as fuck facing your shit crying in the corner shadow work does. And being honest some of this shit is not meant to be done in large groups.

Because spirituality has been so diluted and manipulated for so many fucking years we have to take into account that there can absolutely be a false light hijacking all types of spiritual channels to manipulate, confuse, and control the masses.

8 years ago nobody was talking about chakras on the internet- next thing you know everyone is a chakra healer. You have to use discernment to figure out who your real spiritual teachers are- and you can’t just trust everyone.

I am here to create change not make peace- this isn’t about making peace with anyone other than myself. My soul aligned fuck yes clients who work with me are here for this, and if you’re not aligned with the truth of the matter- then I’m definitely not your healer.

It’s my gift to call people out and if you’re open to it it’s the best medicine ever, and if you’re not it’s gonna hurt and you won’t like it. I’m not here to be a part of the spiritual housewives of LA- I’m here to create massive change on a systemic level, and my soul aligned fuck yes clients are here for this too.

If you desire to work with me 1:1 peak my website to check my offers- all containers are open at this time, I will be booking out through March 2021.

I can’t wait to meet you and work with you!

xoxo <3


is your ascension bringing up soul truama that needs to be cleared?

When i first started my spiritual awakening process it was low key kind of like rainbows and butterflies but it was also like “omg there is so much to learn and i have a lot of fucking truama to heal but I’m just gonna keep eating a lot of psychadelics and traveling and hope that it all works out”.

I didn’t have the tools at the beginning of my awakening to process to process all the memories and emotions that were stored in my psyche and in my body on my own, and being on the streets homeless at 22 while going through a spiritual awakening wasn’t the quite ideal ascension process that you see on the gram lately.

When I went home to Tennessee after hitchhiking I had to turn myself into jail because I had some responsibilities to take care of. There was this pattern of addiction and being a hard gangster that I had picked up on from my early childhood truama with my dad on drugs and in and out of jail that was being completely pulled out of me whether I wanted it to or not.

It felt hard to take responsiblity for myself, let alone radical responsibility for who I am and these passions inside me that kept calling me to pursue them-

It felt hard because I was the victim. It felt hard because I was still holding onto the opression- like it was keeping me safe or something. I thought for a really long time I was never going to be able to let go of the stories that kept me trapped but I somehow in the past 8 years of my spiritual awakening was always guided to a path that lead the way to what I wanted.

If i hadn’t learned about manifestation I don’t think I would have manifested my shaman Lori Michelle Love in my life. She came to me through a friend from high school who told me “i had to know her” and he was right, I had to know her.

Lori taught me everything I know about the 7 chakras, shamanic counseling, mask work, herbs, being a goddess, and giving birth to a baby on top of how to be a conscious person that leads and holds space. I knew my whole life I was born to lead- I would even say it when I wasn’t embodied in it. So for me to reach that point where I had a path that I felt passionate about and I felt confident to follow it, that was huge.

When I sat with Lori in goddess circle and 1:1 the medicine that poured through her soul was potent, pure, and exactly what I needed to heal my mother wound. She showed me how to soften, she showed me how to feel, she showed me how to detach and observe, and how to find ecstacy and pleasure in the discomfort of birthing a new reality for myself. She didn’t think I was crazy in a bad way, when I thought I was she would say “yeah but we all are, it’s a part of it” and that level of acceptance- that I had never had- that I have never been given to from others or for myself…

that alone was healing.

There are steps to this ascension process and it’s moving faster than ever before and when you start to awaken to the world around you as something other than bills, work, and hopefully making it- you start to ask certain questions that maybe you’ve been told you don’t have answers to. You start to question everything and none of it but all of it starts to make sense.

Your ascension process isn’t meant to kill you and it’s not meant to be done alone, and there are a lot of people in the world right now who say they have answers that they aren’t fully embodied in. We must use discernment when we choose to work with people-

and one way to tell is if they are embodied or not- is based on the content there share.

are they portraying a perfect lifestyle or are they telling you the truth about what it takes to be someone successful?

are they telling you real life stories or are they fabricating misconceived spiritual ideas to sound “5D and shit”?

are they showing up daily in all their gl,ory and in all their work or are they making posts here and there and not really letting you in?

I knew Lori was my healer because she was transparent AF and exactly the medicine I needed at the time. I also was not seeking out a healer on instagram- I let source guide me to who i needed to work with.

So if you’re here reading this and everything I just wrote is a fuck yes- then I think you’re my soul aligned fuck yes client and I want to work with you!


2 hours of shamanic journey work through your 33 chakras + four one hour spiritual coaching sessions!

This activation is this high frequency spiritual awakening you have been searching for if…

🧬 you want to open up all your psychic healing intuitive gifts and master them

🧬 gain clarity on your soul purpose and why you’re here and how to serve your mission

🧬 wanna heal your shadow to the core so you can be free from karmic patterns

🔥 Week 1: a 2 hour healing session on the energy anatomy of your body to activate DNA, heal past lives, bring your soul fully into your body, and heal trauma and align with your soul purpose more than ever before.

🔥 Week 2: astrology integration: begin to understand your divine personality blueprint and what keys it holds for you to create purposeful profit from being yourself out in the world.

🔥 Week 3: tailored to you personal growth session to fully embody the light body that we have brought in and the astrology codes that you’re beginning to understand. Here in this session we evaluate the things playing out in your life and how you can fine attune your frequency to the highest level of embodiment so you can become who came to be on this planet.

🔥 Week 4: closing ceremony to fully seal in your activation plus a clear step by step plan on how to take action with your 33 chakra DNA activation energy in tack and ready! This is a ceremony dedicated to your soul and your growth.

🔥 Week 5: this last session is to follow up with any type of energy that may be playing out and coaching on how to take 3D steps in your new 5D reality and life. This serves as a final buffer to purge and integate anything brought up from the activation.

2222$ PIF

head to the link to pay now and schedule your first session-

xoxo <3


Healing the Witch Wound: From Persecution to Prosperity

My whole entire life has felt like I have been on trial just for being my damn self.

Growing up buddhist and being persecuted by the christian kids who told me I was going to hell because I didn’t believe in ‘God” according to them is probably one of the most memorable moments on my journey as a “persecuted” witch.

Let’s really define here what the word witch means and who is one, because history and manipulation of the truth has painted it as one way- and the truth is the witch community is far wider and much more diverse than perceived on classic movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

Why do witches always have to be white and filled with some type of manipulation and evil?

Needless to say there needs to be some clarification and redefinition on what it means to be a witch in 2020, so if you’re with me on this let’s get to it shall we?

There are a lot of people more than ever coming out of their witch closet and getting crystals, cards, jars to do rituals with, and more. The spectrum of what it means to be a witch in the 21st century means we are not only connecting back to the ancient practices of our ancestors but we are also finding a new way to define the witchery of the times.

Being a witch in these days doesn’t mean you have to know how to create spells, love crystals, and call on gods and goddesses for your manifestations- it can litterally mean you believe that in the magic of thinking your reality into exisitence or that we know how to connect with our soul is through climbing high mountains and living a simple life in nature.

Being a witch these days doesn’t mean you do black magic and get burned at the stake- so why do people who want to go against the traditions of the partirachy so often get demonized for doing so?

A lot of people don’t realize it, but there have been past lives where we all lived as these witches who have been burned- and how can you tell?

You feel like if you step fully into your power and become the badass healer shaman psychic lightworker starseed you are- you’ll get killed.

It isn’t just a fear, it feels like an actual reality that will happen to you.

Often times reiki healers, people who really feel called to tap into their psychic gifts and coach people with them and quit their day job, are parylazed by this deep persecution wound that not only effects our personal power but also our value and worth system.

In my workshop at the Samhaim Sister Sleepover happening in Portland, OR October 30th-Novemeber 1st, I am taking the women of the world on a journey deep into their akashic records to explore the witch wound and the persecution their soul has faced, to remove blocks and step into prosperity and abundance.

When I started my business 6 years ago as of March 2021, I was shook to my core that I would be persecuted in some way or another, and this created a lot of lack and unalignment in my life. It wasn’t until i started to realize what my soul was holding onto did these patterns of self sabotoge begin to stop.

When we start to claim prosperity in a way that our soul really came to recieve, we will always be faced with some type of thought or belief that makes us the victim to persecution. It’s imperative for us as awakeing beings to increase awareness to these wounds and begin to activate the potential of us fully aligning and claiming abudnance as ours again.

If you’re desiring to heal your witch wound with us at the Samhaim Sister Sleepover- we are selling in person and virtual experience passes so all can attend!

This retreat is held at a private air bnb with a raw vegan chef and many other divine feminine workshops to heal the wound and overcome the persecution of being ourselves- the wild witchy women we are!



Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Energy Update

All this 4th house energy with the Capricorn moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto-

a lot of the focus is on how the system effects how we live and who we show up as in our home life.

The moon is cusping into the 5th house- and there is definitely an emphasis on the children and what they seem to know or think about the system.

I personally have been experiencing this energy by having deep conversations with my nine year old neighbor about the pandemic and what’s really going on.

I was communicating with her how I drink medical water which comes from my K8 Kangen device-

and I know how to maintain my immune system and my health on multiple levels including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-

And it was fucking amazing to see her totally get what I was saying.

The kids are ready to be heard ya’ll. If you follow any of the “conspiracy theories” or have seen stuff about the Q (which I’m neither for nor against, I just personally don’t believe that Donald Trump is a humanitarian and the idea he is going to save the world is far fetched- you can follow @shine.with.chanda for more info on that)

you know that a lot of what the government has been doing to control minds and harness power- has do to with child sacrifices.

I’m not surprised that all of the sudden after completely denying everything, and after the Epstein documentary came out- Ghrialine Maxwell is arrested by the FBI.

Is anybody else seeing this shit-

cause my next door neighbors are still under the idea that a vaccine by Bill Gates is going to protect them from getting the disease…. and Gates has ties with Epstein.

It’s super interesting because what this Lunar eclipse in Capricorn is allll about ties into taking full responsibility for your actions and words and the emotions they make others feel.

At the same time this idea that we are the victim to a masculine authority is the story that we tell and the story our ancestors have been telling since the beginning of this timeline that the collective is currently riding.

There are two desires the human soul has- to connect and to disconnect.

These desires form the Christ and the Anti-Christ Consciousness.

This energy stems from an ancient place in the stars where the inter-dimensional beings the Sirians, Lyrans, Dracoians, and Andromedans had a galactic war that radiated into every corner of the universe.

This warfare was due to beings desiring to control others through the Anti-Christ Consciousness.

The Sirians

The Lyrans

The Dracoinans

The Andromedans

The Devil card in the Tarot is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

The anti-christ consciousness has been controlling our system and society for a very long time since after the fall of Atlantis and Lumeria.

When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 the cycle for the higher dimensional beings repair of the Christ Consciousness Grid in the cosmos was finalized and the connection desire for humanity was restored.

This is when a lot of souls began waking up to their connection the the interdimensional light beings that have been with us for a long time.

What is happening right now is the climax moment of which way humanity is going to go- and the obvious thing is happening because a lot of people just like you are waking up.

It’s your time my dear starseed to fully activate your remembrance of who you were in The Garden of Eden.

We are restoring Heaven on Earth as we speak and you’re a major part of this plan!

I have EIGHT spots open on my waitlist to get a 33 chakra DNA activation with me in September 2020!

The Great Awakening is ON- and it’s time to prepare your energy centers for full on ascension mode!

In this 2 hour session PLUS 4 one hour follow up session- we work with your energy anatomy of the body and activate your 33 chakras through the spine.

This process assists in opening up all your soul’s energy so I can remove entities, seals, charms, curses, ancestral karma and trauma, and restore your soul fully back into your body so you can get on with living your life’s soul mission.

This activation has had highly transformative effects on many souls who have been ready for a long time to own their spiritual gifts, and this medicine provides a catapult into your future self and your ability to access your highest being and bring them into the flesh.

In the 4 follow up sessions we integrate what the DNA activation has brought up.

This is where I’m teaching you how to be aware and very work in your 33 chakra system.

The activation and healing doesn’t end after you’re opened and aligned- it’s just the beginning! These 4 sessions are for you to really see the process work first hand.

This session is 1,111$ and after this round the value is going to be properly priced at 1888$!

Paying in full is preferred, however payment plans are available.

Send me a message today and let’s book your appointment for September!

I cannot wait to work with you and your guides are beyond ecstatic to come through to serve you as well!



33 Chakra DNA Activations and Why You Need One

I remember when I got my first DNA Activation to 24 strands.

The person who did mine did it remotely and then sent me a report, then we had a 45 minute follow up session. At the time I realized that it was best for me not to fully be present, but when I would start offering my own I wanted people to have the experience with me so I made mine an open call.

When we got on the follow up call she broke down to me the healer’s view of why DNA Activations are important. She told me that when we come to Earth there are beings that will hijack us and put seals and scrambles on our DNA so we forget who we are, what we have been, what gifts we carry, and our ability to be a God/Goddess in the flesh.

I remember crying and shaking when she told me this like I had felt where my DNA had been tampered with- and I remember in that moment vowing to my life’s work as a healer and cosmic shaman to learn the best way possible to activate DNA and assist my clients in their journey back home.

I was working super closely with Metatron at the time (and I still am, he’s one of my main guides) and I prayed to him to have him show me what the higher chakras were and how their opening assisted in the activation of DNA strands.

Our DNA when it is not activated is only accessed on a 3% level. This is actual science that states this fact- these means that there is 97% of our DNA that is “dormant” or “unused”. Our DNA is our genetic code, ancestral line, and infinite soul memory bank to who our natural essence and untampered with Source Energy is. Why are humans only accessing 3% of their DNA?

In the ancient times of the Garden of Eden (also known as Lumeria and Atlantis) our DNA was accessed at 100%. People lived longer, we could shapeshift into all types of creatures, our self-healing abilities were on point- but then the separation of consciousness arrived on the planet and malevolent beings started wanting to control others. These beings infiltrated our heavenly society slowly, and manipulated people to start turning on one another.

Next thing you know our highly Chirst Code Crystalline DNA was completely stripped, sealed, and inverted into a scramble so we could no longer access our higher dimensional self. In the universe DNA is currency- there are beings in our galaxy that have destroyed their DNA to the point that they cannot have a physical experience anymore. These beings found Earth, came here, enslaved our souls and this is truly the cause of all the world’s problems right now.

the 33 chakras are the energy anatomy of the body that create the Merkaba (light body) which is our ascension vehicle and tool to raise our frequency to higher dimensions. When I do a DNA activation I open these 33 chakras through the spine and then begin the psychic surgery process to remove all the seals, scrambles, strips, ancestral karma, trauma, drama, curses, and entities from your chakras and your dna strands. We also do a energetic cellular restructure so your physical body can hold the activation and integrate it.

My clients have overcome and perservered through all types of adversity and struggle after receiving a 33 Chakra DNA Activation with me. When we activate the DNA to this level we are pulling your soul fully back into your body and aligning your energy centers with the will of the Divine Source. The sacred honor it is to hold space in this way for souls to come back home to themselves brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

I desire to deeply assist you in your personal spiritual transformation today. My DNA Activations have been so popular and potent AF lately that I have had to create a waitlist that has 8 more spots open on it!

Do you desire to remember who your soul is and serve that divine mission of yours?

Are you tired of waiting for your psychic intuitive gifts to fully turn on so you can use them to heal the world with power and force?

Do you desire to reclaim your powerful DNA and break free from karmic patterns and ancestral curses?

it’s time for you to get your 33 chakra DNA Activation.

In the first 2 hour session I lead you through your spine into each of the 33 chakras and I activate them.

Then we isolate the chakras 8-33 one by one, removing entities, seals, scrambles, strippings, curses and more.

we also journey you through your past lives and dissolve karmic contracts and heal your souls deepest wounds to bring out your greatest gifts in this life.

After the 2 hour initial session, we then meet in four 1 hour follow up sessions to assist you in the integration of your activation.

This process is 1,111$ with monthly payment plans available.

Reserve your waitlist spot now to receive your activation after September 1st!!!

send me a message or comment below.

With this full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn coming up on the 4th at 950pm it’s a great time to commit to taking responsible action for your life. Don’t allow the Capricorn energy to tell you, that you have to get there all on your own- help and assistance awaits you now! Don’t sleep on it!



Riding the Astrological Currents and Birthing Badass 1:1 Containers

Today was a total mercury retrograde emotional rollercoaster.

I went from moving to Costa Rica- to realizing that I can’t fly my dogs there in the middle of this Plandemic- to moving to Mexico- to finally realizing I am safe where I am and I can build my dream right freaking here.

I”m coming from a lifetime of running in the form of travel. I have been on the move for a long time and I am really feeling all this Capricorn energy activating my desire to build this dream. SO I have been naturally focused on taking the steps of the goat up this big ass mountain of dreams I have in my mind, body, and soul.

With Venus in Gemini the indecisiveness energy was coming in STRONG- so I went on a whole emotional tour of moving to one place to another only for Pluto conjunct Saturn to smack me in the face and remind me that now is not the time to be making impulsive not so thought out plans.

The one thing that has been grounding me down all day though is this business and the thought of my children being happy. Moving slow doesn’t come natural to my Sun in Aquarius energy- when I have a vision I tend to want to birth it right not away- learning to be in a gestation period of all my creations has been one of the best lessons of my life.

My Saturn return is going direct this week with the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn so the responsibility factor in my life has been amped up and I really have to say I enjoy the fuck out of having a routine and taking care of business.

I am coming to this point in my life where I have brought all aspects of myself back to me- I am no longer living a split life- I get to be myself in every single moment no matter what.

I also am aware of the shadow expressions that come from the scabs on my wounds that became masks I wore over my gifts. I have been taking those of diligently one by one as they come up…

I gotta thank the stars and the planets for always being right on freaking time with the triggers of the deep emotional shit and ancestral karma I am ready to cycle out of.

Everything is really starting to come together though. You know that moment when you thought you weren’t going to get noticed and appreciated for all your humble hard work to just be better and serve the mission, and then Uni comes in HOT with the blessings and all the people and amazing experiences you have been calling in?

That’s where I am at right now. The portal is open and I am walking through it. I am no longer denying any part of myself that is not fully in pleasure and desire- and I know this energy I am claiming in myself is assisting my clients in doing the same thing.

I launched a new program this week that is the essence of my divine mission here on planet Earth, and I have to tell you I am soooo excited to serve my soulmate clients’ in this container.

I’m a mother and I am also a very passionate entrepreneur out here doing everything in my power to raise awareness and vibrations for the collective. I built my online presence and my entire spiritual life coaching business through three pregnancies (one was a surrogate baby who was also my own egg).

Activating the Divine Feminine energy in my womb space also activated my sacral chakra to start learning the art of using my creative energy to give service and receive value in return. It was like as I was preparing to birth my human baby I was also birthing my new self AND my new business at the same time.

I truly believe being pregnant and building a business at the same time was the reason my spiritual gifts opened and locked in so quickly. When you’re pregnant you’re a conduit between worlds. When you’re an intuitive healer and pregnant all of your channels are activated really quickly and being pregnant is the grounding pachamama force needed to ensure your integration process is smooth.

Last year one of my long time 1:1 clients asked me to customize a year long package for her to support her during her second pregnancy, as her last she was not very grounded or conscious. I was so incredibly honored to formulate this package for her and some months later I naturally attracted another mom who was ready to manifest her second child without IVF.

It was like everything before these two clients was leading me up to this point. I have a natural gift to connect spirit babies to families through my connection with the Gods and Goddesses of procreation. I used to joke with my friends “don’t come around me or you’ll definitely get pregnant”.

It’s something that I can turn on and off and control for myself and when someone desires a baby and the most authentic life possible for themselves and their families- I can’t help but desire to want to empower them to do the same.

I have taken what I have created for my two impromptu clients and packaged it into a beautiful 12 month 1;1 coaching container called conscious pregnancy.

Are you ready to birth your human and business baby at the same time?!

Now more than ever we need women stepping into conscious parenting and spiritual career roles. It’s not time to hide or live a life filled with sadness and lack of hope!

Are you ready to heal and step fully into your power?

Check into investing in yourself with me in this program!

2 spots open- 22,222$ for the full year (monthly payment plans available)

The program starts July 25th!

hit the link below for full details and to reserve your spot with payment!



Divine Detachment: The Age of Aquarius

Light Beings-

It has been a long time since any of our physical vessels have seen a Golden Age. There is so much going on at this time in our human consciousness that it is imperative to stay aligned with the times and more importantly remember who you are.

A lot of you are still clinging on to the old paradigm structures of babylon and will continue to do so as they burn down right in front of our eyes. As we are leaving the age of decption, elusiveness, and unbilt dreams-

The Age of Aquarius is coming in with the healing waters ready to restore and help us sea our truth.

The Age of Aquarius is not only here to help us sea our vision of the future for ourselves, but rather of the entire planet.

Real Talk: Aquarius is saying… “look it’s okay to have luxury and it’s okay to do all these things on Earth- but can we PLEASE consider what’s best for the WHOLE- LIKE TODAY”

While Aquarius is a visionary, deep down at the core of it all there is a beautiful Humanitarian heart inside of them that just wants to shine and save the world.

And damn- there is a lot to save right now.

The Age of Aquarius is here to birth the Golden Age- times like Atlantis and Lumeria before the war- but before any of that happens- people need to wake up to the vision and sea who they really are!

It’s time to fully detach from the system…. once and for all.

If you still think that our system is anything but corrupt and you are actually going to put your time and energy into voting for someone who is just going to mandate vaccines for all and god knows what else-

You Are Not Soverign. And Aquarius doesn’t have time to wait for you to figure out what that means- Aquarius has been preparing you for this moment since the Age of Pisces- and everything is going to move pretty fast so keep up or you’re going to get left behind.

Anything and everything that does not serve you MUST GO- I don’t care how much you love GrubHub delivering at your door- if it’s not sustainable and organic- it’s not the Age of Aquarius and it must go!

Aquarius in some way is here to make humanity friends again, but in order to do that we have to let go of the old bullshit that decieves us about who we are- it’s all in our head.

Look i know some conscious people feel deeply that it is dangerous to NOT vote- that if we don’t all vote we could have Trump again etc and blah blah blah

And I don’t mean to mock those people-

I just am deeply soulfully frustrated at how brainwashed in fear my friends and fellow humans have become.

Stop looking for the answers, the confrimation, the vision of your life and how it should go-

If you took 5 minutes a day to really sit down in silence and ask yourself what you wanted on the REAL REAL…

You would probably find yourself on a flight to Guatamalea to learn how to live sustainably off the land.

This Aquarius energy is really pushing us to be the best versions of ourself we can be- and the transformation is really uncomfortable but also completely necessary for humanity to wake up fully.

What are you doing today to dive deeper into your soul purpose and heal on a quantum level?

If you know that it’s your time to own



I’m going to be starting something new with my email list!! 

On the first week of EVERY month I will be sending out the monthly energy forecast which will include the astrology of the month, what energy that will bring up for us, what chakras will be activated with it and how we can work with our energetic anatomical structure to heal our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wounds. 

YAY!! I’m so HAPPY I get to provide this God Given Lightworking insight to you before the month starts so you can really get aligned and stay focused on what you want to manifest in your life! Now more than ever it’s going to be extremely important to be mindful of your energy and learn how to work with the stars and the chakras to heal your life and make your world-changing dreams come true. 

Without further ado… here is this month’s Astrology Chakra Genie Forecast!!! 

I know you can probably feel the intense energy of the new moon still radiating through your soul. Maybe there were some wake up calls- around your physical health, emotional health- the amount of attention to detail you are paying to the world around you and how it functions. With this 6 planets in virgo/new moon in virgo energy throwing us into September- it is truly time to learn how to make our day to day routine more aligned with the rhythmic harmony of the universe and experience Eden once more. 

There is a lot of power in this month with the ability to heal deep past emotional traumas on many timelines and turn your wounds of abandonment and fear into abundance and trust. If you are truly willing to do the shadow work, this can be a very powerful month for you to clear away any stored up emotional and mental trauma- it’s as if the first have of September is offering us a time of Council. Our angels and ancestors are before us- tending to our wounds- and we need to just surrender- use discernment- but surrender to the flow. The willingness to listen to others, give space for healing, and have compassion for yourself is on the forefront. 

It’s a time with high focus on details, athletics, and perfectionism. You may try to get everything done at once- 

September 14th we have the full moon in Pisces in a T square with the sun in Virgo, Mars in Virgo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

This day can be a full on witnessing of the deep spiritual transformation that our entire society is going through. With Mars and the sun in a square with the Pisces new moon- we are bound to expect emotional triggers come up and it will be very important to remain grounded by eating clean (maybe even fasting that day). 

It is going to be EXTREMELY important to stand in your truth with the jupiter in sagittarius energy as there will be a lot of elusive energy that’s just right behind the scenes- be careful not to miss the signs that are showing you where you truly need to be. 

Who is really here to serve? Are you in your position for the right reason- or are you trying to be the epitome of spiritual perfection? The new moon brings an emotional energy- and a psychic invisibility code for us to be able to tear past the bullshit- both around us and in us so we can open up our hearts and truly birth the New Earth with unconditional love for self and for others. 

You can’t run anymore. You can’t play small. It’s your time to reach the masses and reach the world and expand into a greater spiritual knowing of who you are and what galactic beings want to work with you so you can birth your Light into this world. 

You don’t need to be perfect to be in alignment with your spiritual path you need to be unconditionally in love with yourself and willing to do the work to serve your soul’s mission. It is time for you to reveal your truth and for the truth to be revealed to you about those you choose to commune with. Choose your energy wisely. The triggers that come up can blast you into an extreme transformation if you choose to no longer play the victim to your reality and instead decide (solar plexus- virgo energy) what you want and do the work to get it. 

On a more personal level this full moon t square is going to bring a sense of emotional healing of the deep traumas to our solar plexus- our unconscious limiting beliefs around spirituality and society are being challenged- truths are being revealed- you may feel in a deep sense of spiritual transition- massive downloads on what your spiritual truth is- be mindful of what energy you’re allowing in- the astral realm is very close to us this day- if you are not careful you may experience psychic attacks. Where your grounding protective crystals like malachite, obsidian, opal, onyx, rose quartz/quartz , citrine, and more. 

Our entire chakra system is going to be activated with this energy (1-33). We will be working in our merkaba (our light body) and it will be most important to pay attention to energy in your solar plexus (virgo=gut), sacral chakra and 24th chakra creation point as well as the third eye and crown chakras (Pisces and sagittarius energy). You can clear these chakras by evaluating which emotions are being triggered for you (anger, resentment, abandonment, betrayal…?) and use your crystals to cleanse and clear your energetic space. Meditation and mindfulness are key at this time to gain the insights to heal your emotional body. 

To read more about the energy of this month check out my blog by hitting this link below! 

Mercury in Libra conjunct Venus in Libra 

The energy of Libra in mercury and venus is going to bring a sense of balance, aesthetics, and justice into your conversations and loving romance/friendship relationships. There will be a sense of nobility in the air and it may be easy to come up with fair ideas to create balance in the world. Justice will be on the forefront, what’s not fair in the world- how technology and AI are being used to oppress people- and how we spend our money- will be very apparent. Your relationship with technology and transportation will be questioned- is it truly in alignment with the Earth and her needs? Balance is key to remember in all conversations this day. 

The two weeks in between the full moon and new moon will be an integration period of the deep spiritual transformations that have become the catalyst of how we are going to create our life. We may be recovering from some deep emotional upheavals and we may be in a period of recollecting ourselves after the trigger of purging of the deep emotions sometimes we choose to elude and escape. 

There is a lot of spiritual energy coming in this month and our ideas of what God is being questioned- are we manipulating God to justify our bad choices or are we not taking the time to REALLY do the work on ourselves to birth the new earth. It’s time to hash out the details and do the busy work to create the empire that you desire. 

Fall Equinox on Sept 23rd Sun in Libra moon in Cancer 

This is a good time to release the summer and come into a place of deep transformation to prepare for winter and the new year ahead of us. We will find a sense of calm and balance that day and the emphasis will be on emotional comfort and the home. 

There will be an urge to cozy into your home space a bit more for emotional pleasure and comfort this day. The seasons change and we all turn our focus toward balancing out family life and cleansing the emotional body of the summer. It’s a time to arise to the new, as there are new challenges that await you

Season changes are always a time to reset our flow state. 

New moon in Libra on September 28th conjunct Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra: 

This new moon energy in position with the sun, venus, and mercury is going to bring a lot of balance and abundance to all types of partnerships both romance and business. The emphasis is on balancing the divine mascluine and divine feminine. With a strong full moon T-square bringing to head the truth of the relationships we have with money, women, the mother, receiving, and the Divine Feminine in general- the new moon is going to allow us to find our balance in the polarities. 

We will be in a moment of suspension as a Divine Union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merges together to bring justice to the injustices of the world. There is a mass clarity around how we need to proceed in our business, romance, and friend partnerships. It’s a good time to take the focus of finding external balance and instead focus on finding the internal balance between how our inner feminine and masculine energy work with one another. 

It’s going to be a time of harmony and balance, a time of union and fairness. Whatever has been bothering us this entire year is coming to a head and balance is being restored. We are being given an opportunity to communicate from the heart, receive and give the love that we always wish to receive and bring into balance at this time.

It’s important  to speak your truth, regardless of whether or not you think it will disturb the projected version of harmony you think your life has. It’s important to stand your ground in the name of fairness. 

There is something in the air about everything in your life coming full circle. Things you may have forgotten about asking for, are not appearing to you in this portal and on this day. It is a great time to enjoy the pleasures in partnership, both business and personal. Harvest is abundant this year- be grateful and enjoy the fruits of your labor if you chose to do the work that was in alignment with your soul’s lessons and growth.

To be alignment with the energy of this month…

-stay in alignment by listening to your intuition and trusting your gut THE FIRST time

-communicate EXACTLY what you mean, no more trying to elude at things… say what you mean and mean what you say

-pay attention to the details but don’t get overwhelmed by trying to get everything done at once- trust your flow and go with what the energy asks of you at the time- stay in balance- give yourself time to give and time to receive- give yourself time for being and time for doing.

For more info about this month, or you want to connect with me about learning more about the higher chakras 8-33 find me on instagram @lightworkerliv



I Became A Spiritual Life Coach by Accident


I had no idea there was a career where you get paid hella money to share your expertise, be yourself, and lift others up to do the same. I started working online because I got fired from my standard 9-5 corporate job (where I totally did not fit in at all) and I started offering tarot readings online. 

Tarot readings evolved to me offering distant reiki, which evolved to me creating my own chakra healing modality, which evolved to me realizing I was really good at business naturally, and now here I am your spiritual life coach leading the way on digital shamanism and business. 

If you wanna see others transform, you gotta walk through the fire and transform yourself first. Some people’s paths are faster than others, while some people’s path take an entire lifetime to master. The role of a coach is to activate that acceleration button in your journey so you can take it to the next level.  

When we get stagnant, is when we lose inspiration, lose our drive, our vision of our purpose and why we do what we do. It’s important as a coach to stay getting coached too because we all know that nobody’s perfect and we gotta get where we want to be by lifting each other up! 


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“I Want To Live My Dream Life, But Nobody Showed Me How”

When I first realized that the reason I was holding back from fully allowing my dream life to come into my reality that was what my inner child said to me…

And if I look around my life and see all the dreams I have made come true, I also realize that those dreams were made of blood, sweat, and tears. There is something about this universe we live in that likes to test us, push us to our limits, and just when we think we can’t take it anymore- MORE SHIT comes flying our way!

We can all go on all day about how our thoughts are creating our reality and while I 100% believe that I also know that our thoughts are more than just our conscious mind. Our thoughts exist in a very deep part of our subconscious that actually creates the functions of our physical and emotional body.

The truth is, unless you were raised by a very conscious shaman who taught you self-awareness and meditation at 2 years old and took you on your first shamanic journey at 8, or something along the lines of “hippie spiritual” stuff- nobody was teaching you how to live your dreams.

So here we are in this time of Great Awakening. People are no longer sounding mentally ill when they talk about fairies and angels helping them get what they desire. At least once a day I hear someone talk about manifestation in passing, and don’t get me started about the mass movement online spiritual entrepreneurs coming out of nowhere.

While the excuse that my inner child gave me came from my deep unconscious mind and was probably dated at like me at age 11 when I really wanted to fly to Europe to play soccer for the summer but felt like I couldn’t manifest the money, it was still coming up for a reason and I had to address.

You see- it’s not fair for me to believe that I want to live my dreams, but I don’t know how. And honestly that’s just inner child BS and fear of leaving the comfort zone I have created by doing exactly JUST that- living my dreams.

At every level you reach you will face the same stories that try to hold you in place, keep you cozy, never let you change. Our subconscious becomes attached to an identity, to a role, to an idea of who they are. So when we come along saying we want to be a spiritual entrepreneur making millions of dollars on the internet with joy, ease, and flexibility- it’s like our subconscious mind says “WOAH THAT IS NOT IN OUR CONTRACT”.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW. And that’s because we ARE NOT creating ALONE! There is an invisible energy that we all feel, that we all call something different, that is taking in every thought, every breath, every moment, that we have on this planet, and giving to us what we desire so long as we are open to receiving it. There is literally just a force in the universe that works to give you exactly what you want at all costs at all times- and you don’t have to know the how- you’ve just got to do the work in your mind to change the habits and patterns you that keep the walls and resistence your reality instead of your desires and dreams.

The energy work paired with psychology techniques and shamanic journeying and understanding the truth of who you are on a deep soul level is the only way I have found any type of peace in my subconscious mind. If I had not agreed to be on this planet and have all these experiences and choose them the way I chose them I would not be who I am today.

SO much is changing for me. I am coming to this point in my life where I am really choosing to forgive others and no longer be available for drama. I want to play out my deepset dreams and biggest desires, and I really don’t want my own BS to stand in my way anymore. It’s not accepted in my reality anymore. And me saying it isn’t enough- it’s me choosing it EVERY SINGLE DAY to be who I came to be.

And understanding this becomes the very inspiration that drives me to express myself thru my creative gifts and be the person I came here to be even though I can still feel a little resistance to doing it- I can AT LEAST take a step forward- and if I KEEP stepping forward- I will keep making my life happen and I will keep my journey flourishing in the direction I desire. There is so much I wanted to know about the universe, and it’s insane how many of us now know something about the universe- right? LOL. But the point is, put your puzzle pieces together, find out who you are, who you have been, and where you’re going. A great tool to do that is thru understanding your personality thru astrology. I have been offering a few people some intimate time with me in a 1:1 session where I go deep into your astrology, see where your placements are, and break down how this retrograde period is effecting you. If you are ready AF to stop hiding and make your bold, brave, and BEYOND basic dreams come true- then hit me up for this session. It’s 45 minutes on a recorded zoom call. We will talk about chakras, identify your core blocks that come out thru your personality patterning, and set goals for where you want to be in 1 year prior to now. It’s 222 USD, Hit the links below to pay and to schedule!

The point is, you’ve gotta do the work on YOU, babe. Become more aware of the voices that hold you back, understand yourself more deeply than you ever have before, becomes closer to your soul than you have ever been! This spiritual coaching work certainly is not for the faint hearted- you must be willing to get back up again after all your ridiculous failures- aka lessons learned.

I love you so much and thank you for reading my blog.



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