Lightworker Liv

Lightworker Liv is a Direct Divine Source Channel for the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers and Shamans ready to get fully galactivated and set on course for their Soul Mission here on earth.

Liv came into this world as…

a ⅗ Reflector in human design

A sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, and Ascendant in Scorpio in western astrology 

A sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, and Ascendant in Libra in sky/vedic astrology 

A natural empath, feeler, healer, shaman, and general all around wise woman ready to birth these New Earth systems into 3D reality.

Liv has faced a lot of adversity in her life including coming from the typical broken home filled with drama and pain. She went on a Vision Quest in 2012 after having a deep wake up call due to almost dying of a drug overdose. Liv’s quest led her to many things that are present in her life today, including her beautiful children and husband accompanied by the psychic gifts that have always been present.

After six months of living outside in the woods, recharging biorhythms, and regrounding to the planet- Liv came out and had a clear vision of who she was…

A Medicine Woman. 

Liv began her business in 2015 after attending massage therapy school and studying with a shaman counselor. She learned the impact trauma- both ancestral, past life, and childhood- had on the energy anatomy of the body and set out on a quest to fully master and heal those who were called to her medicina. 

These past 5 years of lightworking have led Liv down a journey of self-discovery of her true galactic nature as a psychic surgeon of the Arcturian race. With the unveiling of her true gifts and innate nature, Liv began to let go of all the trauma and drama of childhood and fully deprogram from a life of anything other than bliss. 

Her service to humanity is to teach healers, lightworkers, shamans, and starseeds how to be psychic surgeons through working with the energy anatomy of the body. She activates DNA for those ready to fully step into their Christ Calling,  and holds space for the New Age Spiritual Millennial Mama bringing babies earthside. 

Dive Deeper into Learning more about Lightworker Liv and her services… 

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