Chakra Genie Training Method

Lightworker Liv LLC Presents…

The Chakra Genie
Method Mastermind



You are here right now because our souls have been traveling together for lifetimes…. 

And now is the time to remember and initiate yourself back into who you truly are-


It felt like a really long time before I gained clarity on how to manage my energy body.

Granted I didn’t really know what an energy body was until I was 22 years old.

I can remember being a child and thinking that all these fears, pains, and sufferings were not necessary –

but nobody around me had tangible tools for me other than to pray- In my case to chant- or to take medicine- to create a different reality for myself.

I’m grateful because those magical tools of using my energy through mantra to create my reality manifested a lot of amazing stuff- but I was more interested in learning how to heal myself from these painful cycles.

I wasn’t grateful for the medications I had been put on due to a poor allopathic diagnosis of my mental health (which in and of itself was a kundalini awakening)- and the second I found out about chakras I knew there was a better way to find balance than I had been told.

And now you’re here because you want to master a holistic way of assisting your clients to achieve daily life balance- aka God/Goddesshood 

Maybe you’ve been through a similar experience in life where you had a spiritual awakening diagnosed as a mental illness- or maybe your spiritual awakening made you realize you weren’t crazy after all!

Maybe you’ve been coaching people for a long time in some avenue, but you know you want to go deeper and your soul has been calling you to do chakra and DNA work for a really long time.

One thing I know to be your truth right now, is that you’re here because you have a Christ Calling to restore balance to the world and you’re ready to show up and own that. 

You’re in the place where the next choice you make is going to determine all the outcomes of your life and if there is one thing you value more than anything right now- is creating massive results for your clients (and yourself) with deep

AF energy work.

You have been beating around the bush long enough and you want to know the EXACT energy anatomy of the body and how to work with it to better assist your clients on their soul work.

You’ve dabbled with human design, astrology, reiki, quantum healing- maybe even some shit I have never even heard of!

But now it’s time for you to achieve your Doctorate in energy work my sweet soulmate client- and you know it’s your time too!


  • Your desire to be seen at a high caliber of knowing your energy work.
  • You desire to be a chakra shaman with the ability to journey clients through their DNA to activate a deep spiritual transformation in them.
  • You desire to use your healing gifts to start, scale, or pivot your spiritual life coaching business and make hella money so you can do good for your family and the world.
  • You desire real concrete on how “energy work” works- aka you desire structure not just shooting in the dark with your intuition anymore.
  • You desire a thriving and abundant AF online healing business doing healing work for the collective.
  • You desire to remember your ancient infinite self through learning a new form of energy work.

If you felt a fuck yes while reading each and every one of those-


  • A six month 1:1 experience to learn the 33 chakra system and the energy anatomy of the body + all the intuitive and structured secrets of how to market and sell your spiritual gifts and create a 5-8 figure online business
  • 33 training videos emailed weekly along with two textbooks (plus my ebook for free)
  • A 2 hour group zoom training every week where I teach, heal, and coach you all through the energy anatomy and business building simultaneously
  • 2 1:1 60 minute zoom calls with me a month to focus on your individuality as a healer, influencer and entrepreneur
  • A certificate of training in The Chakra Genie Method ™
  • An in person VIP weekend with Liv where she comes to you or you come to her

 The vehicle of transformation doesn’t even give justice to the results you’re going to achieve with this Divine Endeavor! 

  • Know the energy anatomy of the body like the back of your hand
  • Master and hone your psychic intuitive gifts and trust them fully- no more doubting or putting down your intuition
  • Gain confidence and skills to master spiritual entrepreneurship and begin making mad money moves with your gifts
  • Find your tribe and soul community and connect with sisters and brothers from all over the world- no longer feeling alone in your journey
  • Remember who you are at the core and be unshakable and unapologetic in your expression of self


only 7 more spots open to work with me for the year!

Hit the link below to send your payment and you’ll recieve immediate confrimation as well as an email with the textbooks, syllabus, and scheduling link to get your first appointment going with Liv.

I’m so stoked to have you in this container with me- I can’t wait to watch you become who you really are in the next six months!




Chakra Genie Method Mastermind Six Month

Pay in full for… six months of mentoring including 24 sessions + an in person weekend with Liv