Conscious Pregnancy Program

Conscious Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy is a life changing transformation for mothers and fathers.

You’re here because you have a big dream and you know that you’re going to need a team to fulfill it.


You’re here because you desire deeply in your soul to activate your fertile nature and conceive your spirit baby in physical form.


You’re here right now on my website reading about this badass program I have birthed just for you- 


my soulmate client- 


and you know deep inside your soul this is what you desire and this is what you need to fulfill your life’s dreams.


I’m here right now because I have built my spiritual empire through three pregnancies- one of them was a traditional surrogacy.


I learned to show up for someone other than myself and serve- not only through offering my gifts for exchange-


yet also growing three babies in my womb totally activating my psychic intuitive gifts.

These experiences-


with many lessons in trial and error –


and many many moments of success and growth-


taught me something INCREDIBLY valuable…


The Labor of Love 


When something we desire travels from our mind to our heart we will do the work to get it out into the world. 


We may try to act like we are fine living this life of complacency, just going through the motions- but the truth is our heart is always beating and reminding us of the times we really want to have.


The labor of love is what life is all about and this is why you desire to have a baby and build a business at the same time- 


because you desire to make the world a better place through your self-work and the work you do for others. 


I have a magical gift and that is when someone who desires a baby comes into my aura, my fertility guides instantly assist them in getting them pregnant.


I also have the gift of knowing how to build spiritual empires online through residual and passive income and serving your unique divine soul mission in a totally aligned way.


When these two gifts combine I assist badass women who desire to conceive a crystal kid and spiritual business and birth them at the same time.





This package is focused on having a conscious pregnancy, removing anxiety and fear around conceiving and giving birth, and aligning you with your divine soul business and birthing it with your baby. 


A lot of our coaching is focused on staying in balance. 


It’s customized to you so whatever you want you got!


It would be an absolute honor to support you and your family in the journey of having a conscious pregnancy to bring your new family member into the world.


This 12 month pregnancy package is an all encompassing package including the following services…


  • Weekly 1 hour zoom call sessions for energy healing and spiritual life coaching


  • Monthly pregnancy care packages with herbs, crystals, books, etc


  • your entire family’s birth charts done including new baby (if you want)


  • 24/7 access to me via text for your needs and desires


  • Weekly coaching videos to build confidence in your pregnancy and your business building 


  • Doula services: including creating an ongoing birth plan throughout and two week after birth post-partum in person doula care, as well as placenta encapsulation


  • 4th trimester support including continuing weekly sessions and care packages to prevent postpartum


  • Any request or desires not mentioned above will be customized to your personal pregnancy needs therefore you may add what you want at no extra charge this is included in the package


If you are aligned with this high level- high vibe conscious pregnancy program…


make you investment below and message me to confirm that I received. 


You will instantly receive your syllabus, workbook, book list, and the first week of course material in an email. 


Liv will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your weekly zoom meeting with and collect your address and other information. 



12 month Conscious pregnancy program

12 months of sessions, several care packages sent, mentoring, and more