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Make More Money as a Healer Course

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I ran this course for free in January 2021 at the opening of my Facebook group The High Level Intuitive Coaching Club. The value of this course got people so many results from making their first sale to finally launching their business I knew I had to take this and put a price on it.

In this 5 module course + this journaling accountability workbook you will gain knowledge on how to release imposter syndrome, let go of old stories around money, and make more of it as your true authentic self in 2021.

You don’t have to be a healer to gain value from this course, you just have to be willing and ready to shine your light and receive for just being yourself. Below are the accountability questions that go along with each module. There is room for you to write below each question be sure to download and print out this workbook for best use!

Take your time with this course, and listen to the modules again and again until you really start to marinate in the teachings and embody the work. Repetition is key when you are learning the skill of sales and making money as a healer, so the more you do it the better!

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I am lightworker liv. I am the embodiment of love, devoted yogini, healer, speaker, and writer. I enjoy intellectual conversations on how the universe works and connecting with other people on a Higher Self level. I offer bodywork, including energy work with reiki and cystals, psychic and intuitive readings, and spiritual coaching 1:1 sessions and long-term programs. My website is about me, and my journey of healing, and the things I like to create with my life. I want to share with you my adversities and how I overcome them, in turn giving hope to others who face the same struggles I do. Read my blog, comment,Check out my courses and coaching programs .Let's gain clarity on how to respond accordingly to the universe, as we should.

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