Western Astrology 12 Week Crash Course

With Lightworker Liv- starts on April 4th, 2021

I remember the day my mom handed me my birth chart. I was 15 years old and it was my birthday. She told me she had gotten it printed off when I was born, and was waiting for the right age for me to read it. 

I felt so naturally drawn to understanding who I was, and as I dove into the 50 page chart I learned so much about myself in those few hours- I knew this was something i wanted to study, take part in, and teach for the rest of my life. 

To some astrology is just some made up pseudoscience with no actual proof of how the planets affect our personality traits, but to me astrology holds profound truths about my personality and my soul which I will continue to uncover and understand until the day I ascend the Earth. 

I like to explain astrology as a spiritual psychology tool to assist in helping you understand the many parts of your personality that make up you. Not only can you depict the type of life you’ll live, but you can also look at how you communicate, how you give and receive love, what starseed family you come from and more. 

If you are ready to dive deep into understanding the stars and ins and outs of western astrology, my 12 week crash course is for you! 

The Course is starting on 4/4/21 and it is going to be 12 weeks, and you have two options on how you can participate:

Group General Admission

1,888$ paid in full (or 4 payments of 500$ made bi-weekly) 

  1. Access to all astrology textbooks and references 
  1. Access to weekly 90 minute group coaching calls on the planets, signs, houses, and aspects 
  1. Access to a private facebook community where you can ask questions and practice doing readings

VIP Admission

3333$ paid in full (or 4 payments of 875$ made bi-weekly) 

  1. Access to everything in group general admission 
  1. 60 minute 1:1 private sessions with Liv to coach you and teach you astrology on your own 
  2. 24/7 unlimited access via messenger to Liv for support and guidance throughout the course 

All group calls are recorded, so if you miss you will be able to catch the replay and you will have lifetime access to everything! 

The value of learning the language of astrology includes…. 

-a better understanding of yourself and others in interpersonal relationships 

-the ability to read birth charts and understand your horoscope astrology on a day to day basis 

-a whole new perspective of life opened 

-meshing astrology with what you already do (chakra work, coaching, human design, etc) 

-learning all the meanings of the planets, houses, signs, aspects as well as how to identify which starseed family you are from and your solar and lunar eclipse patterns (which is your soul’s lesson and mastery this lifetime)