33 Chakra DNA Activation 5 week package

You are here because it’s time to transform your life. 


Our DNA is held together by tiny little water molecules.

If those water molecules were not bonded and placed there our DNA would fall apart.

What many have been awakening to, is the concept of water being alive and also holding memory.

These DNA water molecules hold the ancient memories and codes of the highest form of expression for our self and our DNA line. Many things in life are DNA activations…. 

-eating plant medicine 

-sitting in the sun 

-drinking living water 

-falling into an ascension portal with a close friend 

When our DNA is activated the waters on the strands and in the cells begin to release the memories of trauma and gifts for the soul who is undergoing this experience. While there are many ways to activate the DNA, one of the best ways to begin this process on a quantum level is to activate the 33 chakras through the spine. 

DNA is more than physical, it’s our soul’s infinite energy creation code.  

Come with me on a journey to remember your deepest self and bring it into fruition on a massive level. 

In the 33 chakra DNA activation process we embark on a 2 hour session where we activate the 33 chakras through the spine. From there we go into the isolation of the higher 20 spiritual energy points where we restructure your universal DNA and cellular codes. After we journey into deep past lives, heal soul wounds, put your soul back into your body, activate your ability to transmute and manifest, and activate your secondary chakra system fully. 

Many people have had life changing experiences and deep awakenings of self after this energy medicine process. 

From healing their own physical pain to finding the love of their life to finally stepping fully into their power as a self-made business owner. When DNA Activations are done in integrity and held with such honor and grace, they are truly impactful medicine. 

This 5 week coaching package is for the souls that wish to highly transform on a personal and professional level to take their energy work and business to the next level. 

If you know you have the power to pursue your Divine Mission and you’re ready to be catapulted into something you deeply desire to do this session is for you! 

I know have 50 spots open on my waitlist to work with me 1:1 in November-January! 

Pay now and schedule your sessions for after November 2nd or at the earliest date provided. 

This highly transformational package is 2,222$ paid in full 


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