Samaria Williams

“Liv is amazing! I’ve worked with her on clearing and activating chakras as well as mindset coaching. I’m a licensed therapist but I swear my secret weapon is energy work AKA Lightworker Liv. If you want tremendous value for your time, I would encourage you to consider the 90 min / 2 hour abundance activation and clearings because she does so much on chakras you may have never even heard of!!! It’s like 10 sessions in one!!! You’ll see your life shift in ways that you could have never imagined. I found myself feeling more grounded than ever in my power unapologetically. Who doesn’t want that right? Working with Liv and allowing her to help me get to the root of blocks in my life and CLEAR them has changed my life! Invest in yourself! Do this! It’s so worth it! She has a God given gift!”

Alicia R.English

“I started working with Liv under a year ago and since she has aided me in addressing many spiritual blocks and trauma that I was holding on to unconsciously, I have seen so many amazing things come into my life. There have been times where parts of me were being revealed to me, things I turned a blind eye to and Liv helped me to face and address to issues with love and light. From one cosmic creator to another, I thank you for all that you have assisted me with and helped me to move through. We still have some sessions to go but this has by far been quite a wonderful experience for me and I thank you from the depths of my being for being open to offering services to help others step into their greater versions of themselves, especially me!”

Phyllisia Reed

“Liv is excellent ! She confirmed a lot of things i already felt but was a little unsure of . She made the entire process comfortable for me & was very cool & down to earth ! I recommend her to everyone now!”

Eliza nova

“How she was able to offer me healing remotely from another country, I will only pray to understand one day. I’ve only met Liv recently, but already have a cosmic connection and am beyond grateful for her presence in my life. I was physically drained and sick yesterday, and then offered a chakra clearing and balancing. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet, but she sent a message with info on what she found and cleared for me – and it moved me to tears yesterday and this morning again when I told my husband and sister about it. Definitely a magical being that I hope to learn from.One love, goddess..”

Victoria Villena

“Liv is amazing. Has amazing energy always trying to help with free sessions and channelings during her lives. can’t wait to work one on one with her!!”

Margaret R Carter

“Her works takes you to another level. She pushes you to strive for your best and to speak your truth. She is honest and kind. She has always asked for a helping hand. I am grateful to receive her services.”

Crystal Love

“Olivia changed my life. She showed up just when I needed her, she never gave up on me, she never judges me even in my darkest days. I always feel better after our sessions, she has helped me release many layers of trauma & awaken to my true potential. I’m so grateful our paths crossed.”

Schuyler Christina

“She’s down to earth, a woman who is strong with goddess that lives within her. A guide in the physical world, with struggles like every other human, a mother and a healer, she gives clarity on situations. And she helps you find your inner strength, with meditations, chakra clearings and activations, she gives you the tools you need to heal yourself and bring out the goddess and god inside of us all.”

Klm Moore

“Great light worker. Blessed Human being ,Enthusiastic in helping you heal your inner wounds. Highly recomend working with her..”

Annalisa Moses

“Liv is an amazing channel and healer. She is a powerhouse and every message has resonated deeply! Thank you for the amazing healing I recieved on your live!!”

Jennifer Morrison

“I love her no nonsense, cut through the red tape and get to the heart of the matter approach. She doesn’t dance around a subject, she gives it to you straight. All guts with no filler. A good person to help with those hard truths that keep us enslaved in low vibrational living through avoidance, she can help face our truths and set ourselves free”

Alexandra Marrero

“I have learned a lot from Liv! She knows her stuff and always delivers great content! Her healings have also helped me tremendously on my journey!!”

Raye Golden

“Thank you so much sweet for my DNA Activation you were Spot on with everything you picked up . Have through a Ringer with Ascension Process and I been out of Wack . Antoniette Lanni x”

Sarah Proffitt

“This woman. She is incredible. Watch one of her live videos and you can see her gifts, but that is the bare minimum of what she provides when working with her. I am in her mentorship, and can’t say enough good things. She holds space for you to have your low and high points. When you are really diving deep into your gifts and things start to come up she is there to support you. Learning to use your gifts is tough. It isn’t always light and love and having Olivia there to support me through this massive growth and transformation, I have no words. Whether you are working with her using her quick sessions or working with her long term (soooo much better) she will change your life.”


“Olivia is WONDERFUL!! I love her spirit so much. She helped super charge my spiritual growth and practice and I will be forever grateful! Working with her is definitely worth the investment. “

Patrice H- Jones

“Olivia / Lightworker Liv has the biggest heart and is gifted! Olivia’s no nonsense approach has elevated opened and helped to heal my mind and emotions from the past. Our sessions together have been deeply transformative and I will continue to recommend this dear Soul. Don’t hesitate in booking with Liv, she is a true gem and Light-bearer!.”

Amy L. Brown

“Well the one person I needed with the message I needed..on new years 2017. Purely and simply jazzed and i look forward to when I can enroll in some of her awesomeness”

Dee Dee otero

“I got a channeled msg this evening, & what I can say is boy, oh boy, oh boy! She was SPOT ON & so AMAZING! Love her, & what she brings to this planet!! Many Blessings & may God keep shinning that light on u girl!!xoxo!”