Liv is truly amazing. She shared so much wisdom and knowledge in my reading and it was truly everything I needed to hear. So grateful to her and will definitely be working with her more in the future. 💖💖💖 – Linda P

I have had a few different treatments done with Liv. Let me say… She is AMAZING.. I had such profound movement in working with her. We were able to get to some things that have helped me grow immensely over the past year. I am forever grateful for this sister and that she honors the work she is meant to do on this earth. – Caitlin M.

 have learned a lot from Liv! She knows her stuff and always delivers great content! Her healings have also helped me tremendously on my journey!! – Alexandra M.

This woman. She is incredible. Watch one of her live videos and you can see her gifts, but that is the bare minimum of what she provides when working with her. I am in her mentorship, and can’t say enough good things. She holds space for you to have your low and high points. When you are really diving deep into your gifts and things start to come up she is there to support you. Learning to use your gifts is tough. It isn’t always light and love and having Olivia there to support me through this massive growth and transformation, I have no words. Whether you are working with her using her quick sessions or working with her long term (soooo much better) she will change your life. – Sarah P.

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